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MoFo Monthly Calls 2021

These calls, open to all Mozilla staff, are focused on the Foundation's efforts to fuel a movement for internet health.

The purpose of these calls is to build awareness for and draw inspiration from work happening across the Foundation and the movement for a healthy internet. Via lightning updates from Mozilla Foundation Fellows and staff, we aim to link internet health issues to our daily lives.

These calls will be streamed and archived on Air Mozilla and held in Zoom (Meeting ID: 425 237 629).

We will use the mozilla-foundation Slack channel and Zoom Chat to engage throughout the call, to celebrate the work, ask questions, and of course to comment and banter!

Meeting Details

  • to watch and listen
  • Zoom Meeting ID: 425 237 629
  • Questions for each call can be submitted via an anonymous Form (see calendar invite for the form link) or in the #mozilla-foundation Slack channel
  • Presenters will be notified separately on how to join, and will be asked to join an A/V check directly before the call

Upcoming calls

Starting in February 2021, our Monthly call will move to the 4th Thursday of each month.

All calls are held at 9am PDT/ 12pm EDT/ 16:00 UTC/ 17:00 CET

  • January 2022 Calls will be listed soon

Meeting Archives

Month Recording
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November 2021 Link
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