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AI/ML and Social Listening

MoFo FLEX 2019 - Project Proposal


Project Lead: Arliss Collins
Area of Focus: Discrimination, Lack of Responsibility, Privacy & Security and Transparency
Knowledge Level Required: None / Any

This project is not currently seeking contributors, but you express your interest in participating here.

Project Information

Project Description:

Take a look at how AI/ML is part of "social listening" - complete research and/or a lit review of platforms and practices that are used to perform social listening and share/discuss the findings with others. Looking to understand how this impacts people/privacy/transparency in this area.

Expected Outcomes:

A better understanding of how "social listening" is done, what platforms can be used, best practices (if any) and how it is used to help/hinder people.

Help Required:

It may be possible to have contributors - they would help with the research and participate in the discussions with the goal to putting together a summary of the findings for sharing.

Required Time Commitments

The project will take place over 2 months. The Project Lead will spend 2 hours each week working on the project and contributors would need to allow for 2 hours per week to fully get involved.

Project Updates

More to come...