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How to host a study

MoFo FLEX 2019 - Project Proposal


Project Lead: Michelle Thorne

Areas of Focus: Decentralization, Discrimination, Digital Inclusion, Lack of Responsibility, Misinformation, Openness, Privacy & Security, Transparency and Web Literacy.

Knowledge Level Required: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert

This project is actively seeking contributors, you can sign up to participate here.

Project Information

Project Description:

Would you like to host an in-person study group (one-off or recurring) to learn more about AI/ML with friends and colleagues? This is a group to support hosts and share tips & tricks for organizing study groups.

Expected Outcomes:

Improve best practices for hosting study groups, increased familiarity about AI among staff, forge learning collaborations across the org

Help Required:

Hosting a study group, participating in a group near them, assets/learning materials that groups can use

Required Time Commitments

The meta group will run throughout the year. A single study group can be 1hr up to a day or more, depending on the local host's availability. The Project Lead will spend 1 hour working on the project and contributors would need to allow for 1 hour per week to fully get involved.

Project Updates

More to come...