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MoFo OKR Generator

MoFo FLEX 2019 - Project Proposal


Project Lead: Abby
Area of Focus: Misinformation, Openness
Knowledge Level Required: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert

Interested? Want to chat / keep up to date? Join our Slack channel #mofoflex-okrgenerator

This project is actively seeking contributors, you can sign up to participate here.

Project Information

Project Description:

Need to come up with an OKR? Use the MoFo OKR generator!

We'll use mofo's past and current okrs as the training data. We may have to supplement with text from reports / meetings / etc.

Expected Outcomes:

Learning how to implement a text generator

Help Required:

Anyone: Gathering OKRs & other text

Design: UI/UX of the site

Engineering: front & back-end

Required Time Commitments

The project will take place over 3 months. The Project Lead will spend 3 hours working on the project and contributors would need to allow for 3 hours per week to fully get involved.

Project Updates

Slack channel created #mofoflex-okrgenerator

Meeting notes:

Kick-off call is Thursday May 2, 1:30pm ET

Join our meetings: