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2015 End of Year Fundraising at Mozilla

Welcome to the 2015 EOY Wiki. Here, you'll find details of our end-of-year fundraising campaign. If you have any questions about our work, please visit our Github repo or explore our fundraising open blog.

To donate now, visit

Why does Mozilla fundraise?

Good question -- we get asked this all the time! We fundraise to build relationships that help advance the web. The EOY campaign, in particular, educates the people who use our products about Mozilla's non-profit mission and helps deepen relationships with Firefox users. The money we receive supports the work of the Mozilla Foundation, including our learning and advocacy programs, community initiatives like MozFest, and products to explore the open web like Webmaker.

What are we hoping to achieve?

  • Raise $3 million USD before December 31, 2015;
  • Increase monthly donors to 5,500 individuals;
  • Acquire 75% more new donors than the 2014 campaign;
  • Increase proportion of US / non-US donations from 56%/44% in 2014 to 51%/49%.

How will we achieve our goals?

  • Improve localization to increase the proportion of donations from outside the United States;
  • Deepen relationships with new and returning donors;
  • Improve internal infrastructure.

Read more about how we plan to achieve our goals in our EOY Creative Brief.

Important 2015 Milestones

  • Oct 1: Launch test campaign in Germany
  • Nov 15: Launch EOY campaign in US-EN locales
  • Dec 18: Snippet circulation increase to 100% (all)
  • Dec 26: Disruptive snippet design launch / overlay launch
  • Dec 30: Firefox & You Launch (Likely the highest volume day of the campaign)

Current status

As of October 15, 2015:

Background and Reference Docs

Target audience

  • Previous donors from all channels;
  • New donors who see our channel promotion (e.g. the snippet);
  • New donors who see that a friend or family donated (via share on Twitter, for instance);
  • Mozilla staff members, community members, their friends & family;
  • Targeting the following locales:
    • EN (USA, Canada, UK, Australia and also Sweden, Denmark, and other locales where EN is widely spoken)
    • France (FR)
    • Germany (DE)
    • Brazil (PT-BR)
    • Italy (IT)
    • Indonesia (ID)
    • Latin America (Spanish)


  • R: Erika Drushka, Scott Downe, Adam Lofting, Jordan Gushwa, Andrea Wood
  • A: Andrea Wood
  • S: Kevin Zawacki Jen Bertsch, Michaela Smiley, Jess Davis, Jean Collings
  • C: Angela Plohman, Erika Jostedt, Tim Murray, Matej Novak
  • I: Mark Surman, Jascha Kaykas Wolff, Mary Ellen Muckerman, Mary Colvig,