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Mozilla Foundation Openness Survey


The Openness Survey is an internal Mozilla Foundation project to help us work more openly and more like a movement in 2019 and beyond.

The Open Leadership & Events (OLE) team will support the organization throughout 2019 to strengthen our working open habits and to develop our open leadership skills. Our goal is to help the foundation work more like a movement in supporting people and projects that champion internet health and better machine decision-making.

As part of that work, we want to:

  • Identify ways we could all work more openly together.
  • Diagnose our shared needs for sustained professional development in working open, open leadership, and working like a movement.

To look for answers to both of those prompts, we’re beginning with a survey that will help all of us work more like a movement and better understand the state of openness across the foundation.

First, we will invite colleagues to give feedback on our survey questions. We want to know:

  • Are these the right questions?
  • Could any of these questions be rewritten or re-framed more clearly or helpfully?
  • Are we missing any questions you wish we’d ask?
  • Is there anything else you’d like us to know?

Colleagues will be able to give us feedback on the questions in several ways:

This survey question feedback period will open on 27 March 2019 and close on 5 April 2017.

Then we’ll revise the survey and send it out across the foundation.

The survey window will open on 8 April 2019 and close on 19 April 2019.

The OLE team will complement the survey with a series of blog posts inviting external, public commenting on our survey questions. We will gather and share this feedback with teams working on community contribution and engagement in the foundation.

The OLE team will analyze the results of the internal survey, as well, and share discoveries, diagnoses, and recommendations about how we might work more openly and more like a movement at the next foundation All Hands in Toronto in June 2019.


  • 27 March - Survey question feedback email goes out to staff after staff call.
  • 1 April - Blog posts begin.
  • 5 April - Survey question feedback closes.
  • 9 April - Survey email goes out to staff.
  • 11 April - Survey office hours, 1-3 PM ET, Chad Sansing’s Vidyo room.
  • 17 April - Survey office hours. 1-3 PM ET, Chad Sansing’s Vidyo room.
  • 19 April - Survey closes.
  • May - Analysis of survey results begins.
  • 20 May - Blog posts end.
  • June - OLE team shares discoveries, diagnoses, and recommendations at All-Hands.

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