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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: April 30, 2018

Key Dates (Upcoming)

  • May - Performance Reviews
  • May 3 - OKR 2 and OKR 4 Open Calls
  • May 9-10 - Strategy Retreat (Staff participants include Mark Surman, Angela Plohman, Ashley Boyd, Amira Dhalla, Jairus Khan, Josh Wolf, Juan Barajas, Lainie DeCoursy, Melissa Romaine, Sara Haghoodsti, Sarah Watson. External participants include Chris Stone, Marc Solomon from Freedom to Marry and Rashad Robinson from Color of Change)
  • May 10-11 - Global Sprint
  • May 30 - MoFo Monthly Staff Call
  • June 1 - MozFest call for proposals opens
  • June 12-15 - Toronto All Hands

What's Moving This Week

  • Facebook follow-up (Jon L)
  • Prep to launch CloudPets campaign (Jon L)
  • Global Sprint prep (Zannah)
  • 2nd phase of Internet Health Report communications (Lotta)
  • Completing two grant proposals and reviewing donor prospect wealth screen (Juan)
  • Narrative definitions and design elements for Foundation site (Jesse)
  • Legal support for fellowships (Josh)
  • Completing external interviews for strategy evaluation (Lainie)
  • Launching performance reviews process (Michael)
  • MozFest website updates (Sabrina & Mavis)

Executive Team Updates

  • Recruitment process for VP, Leadership (to be based in Berlin) - final shortlisted candidates have presented case studies to a subset of staff from MoFo and MoCo over the past few weeks
  • Governance - prepping for the July MoFo Board retreat in Berlin; holding meetings with the various MoFo Board committees (Diversity, Budget & Finance, and Program).
  • Partnerships - Mitchell, Mark and Brett are attending the annual NetGain gathering in Chicago, which will look at AI issues through the eyes of artists. Mozilla Fellow Joana Varon will be presenting at the event.

Current Job Openings