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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: May 7, 2018

Key Dates (Upcoming)

  • May - Performance Reviews
  • May 9-10 - Strategy Retreat
  • May 10-11 - Global Sprint
  • May 30 - MoFo Monthly Staff Call
  • June 1 - MozFest call for proposals opens
  • June 12-15 - Toronto All Hands

What's Moving This Week

  • Global Sprint(Zannah)
  • Strategy Retreat (Lainie)
  • Shipping out a grant proposal and officially kicking off our major donor campaign (Juan)
  • Overseeing 360 feedback process for performance reviews (Michael)
  • Net Neutrality Day of Action on 5/9 (call-in) (Sara)
  • Fundraising quarterly report prep (Will)
  • Foundation site navigation (Becca, Matthew, Kristina)
  • Donation infrastructure engineering research (Alan and Steph)
  • Completing 2018 Internet Health Report retrospectives & review (Solana and Kasia)
  • Completing coding of MoFo strategy evaluation interviews and presenting first visualizations of 'internet health movement' map (Paul, Arliss and Abdoul)
  • Finance Team: Hard close for March; Operations Team: Launch RFP for establishment of a branch office in Germany (Josh)
  • Reviewing fellowship applications and shortlisting candidates (Rizwan)
  • IHR Phase II comms (Lotta)

Executive Team Updates

  • Strategy Retreat - Mark, Angela and Ashley will be in NYC this week, along with Amira, Jairus, Josh, Juan, Lainie, Melissa, Sara and Sarah W, for the May Strategy Retreat. They'll be joined by Chris Stone (former president of Open Society Foundation), Marc Solomon from Freedom to Marry and Rashad Robinson from Color of Change. The focus will be on exploring how we can thrive in the long-term, by following-through and building on efforts over the last few years to strengthen our impact in the years to come. Outcomes from this two-day retreat will factor into our ongoing strategic planning process. Strategy Retreat wiki
  • Funder meetings this week - Carnegie (Mark & Juan)
  • Partnerships - Meeting with Ashoka to learn how they do fellowships (Mark & Ashley)

Current Job Openings