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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: May 14, 2018

Key Dates (Upcoming)

  • May - Performance Reviews
  • May 15 - Hot Topics in Digital Rights: A Global Look at the Future of Internet Health (panel discussions, lightning talks and Q&A live on AirMo)
  • May 18 - MozFest Youth zone workshop, London
  • May 30 - MoFo Monthly Staff Call
  • June 1 - MozFest Call for Proposals opens
  • June 12-15 - Toronto All Hands

What's Moving This Week

  • Preparing our 3rd grant proposal to ship this month and reaching out to prospective major donors (Juan)
  • Overseeing 360 feedback process for performance reviews (Michael)
  • Working to get the draft data privacy bill released in India (Rachita)
  • Launching a coalition sign-on letter asking retailers to pause selling Cloudpets (Sara)
  • Completed phase 1 of shortlisting fellows candidates–preparing for interviews (Rizwan)
  • IHR Phase II comms and Cloudpets press strategy (Lotta)
  • Donate page assessment and engineering plan (alan and steph)
  • Campaign template evolution (matthew)
  • Insights team sprint on analysis of MoFo strategy evaluation survey/interviews (Paul, Arliss and Abdoul)
  • Completing analysis of where in the world MoFo programs had a presence from 2016-2018, to inform the strategy evaluation (Amira)
  • Finance Team: Hard close for March; Operations Team: Launch RFP for establishment of a branch office in Germany (Josh)

Executive Team Updates

  • RightsCon - Mark, Ashley, Brett, Sam, Sarah, Rizwan, Cori, Amy and Ann-Marie will be attending RightsCon events throughout the week. Mozilla is hosting an event on Tuesday to discuss pressing issues in digital rights and Internet health with some of the tech policy fellows. We'll be streaming that event on AirMo, where fellows will showcase their work and engage in a conversation on access, inclusion, competition, privacy, security, and free speech. Mark and Ashley will be meeting with several funders and potential partners throughout the week.

Current Job Openings