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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: June 25, 2018

Key Dates (Upcoming)

  • June 27 - MoFo Staff Meeting
  • July 11 - Board Meeting

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • Continuing to refine KRs for H2 (All)
  • Data protection in India - prepping for the release of a new draft bill (Rachita)
  • Working on a campaign around Venmo and a final push in the EU Copyright changes (Jon L)
  • MozFest Call for Proposals is live (Sarah)
  • Continued outreach for the Creative Media awards (Brett, Jenn, Lindsey)
  • Communicating decisions to all fellowship applicants (Rizwan)
  • Screening Major Gift Officer finalists and planning H2 funder meetings (Juan)
  • Close May and Complete Forecast 5.1 / Onboard Finance and Accounting Firm (Josh, Ruzanna, Kalpana)
  • Aggregate information requested by German counsel to complete application for branch office in Germany (Josh)
  • Reviewing engineering/dev build plans through the lens of the draft KRs to align priorities and ensure we have the bandwidth to serve all OKR needs. (Jesse, Matthew, Alan)
  • Finalizing Thimble project export plan - Working on resource estimation around the final plan for adding project migration to Glitch from Thimble. (Gideon)
  • Setting up project management & roadmap planning, and recruiting & vetting freelance writers for IHR 2019 (and beyond!) (Kasia & Solana)
  • Finalizing MoFo 2016-2018 Program Evaluation (all hands on deck... Sam, Lainie, Abdoul, Arliss, Paul, Amira, Sarah W, and more!)
  • Wrapping up the June issue of The Mozillian (Kevin)
  • Pulling together a draft of what will be new in Buyer's Guide v 2.0 for long-lead media pitching (Jen)

Executive Team Updates

  • Finalizing Preparing July Berlin Learning Day for board and packaging up the evaluation for board review. Learning Day is still focused on movement mapping and Europe post-GDPR. We may not be able to do trustmark case study, open to other ideas!

Current Job Openings