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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: July 9, 2018

Key Dates (Upcoming)

  • July 11 - Board Meeting
  • July 25 - MoFo Monthly Meeting
  • August 1 - Deadline for MozFest proposals

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • Finalizing KRs for H2 (All)
  • Creating our EU strategy to tackle misinformation (Jon)
  • Working on the next steps of the retail strategy (Sara)
  • Sending out this month's fundraising email tests (Will)
  • Following up on initial major donor outreach and MozFest sponsorship outreach (Juan and Jessie)
  • Send out contracts to fellows in the 2018-2019 cohort (Amy)
  • Continue refining requirements for new award-related grants (Omidyar - Responsible CS Challenge) (Lindsey)
  • Finalize recruitment for the identified fellows in misinformation (Melissa)
  • Continue simplification discussions (and actions) started at All Hands (Fellowships & Awards team)
  • Prepping to share 2016-2018 Program Evaluation findings with Directors & all MoFo staff (Lainie, Paul Z, Abdoul, Arliss, Sam)
  • Creating 1st draft of 2019 IHR content outline (Solana)
  • Drafting concept for OKR 1.2 (call for IHR ideas) & follow-up on related conversations (Kasia)
  • Moving community IHR response campaign (partnership with Open Innovation) forward (Jairus & Amira)
  • Long lead pitch development for buyers guide v 2.0; Eval report analysis for comms; Staff meeting planning (Lotta)
  • Final UI/design (prep for engineering) for Initiatives and Participate sections of the Foundation site. (Expect to hear from us soon!) (Kristina, Jesse)
  • Final specs/requirements for donate site re-engineering. (Jesse, Steph, Alan)

Executive Team Updates

  • Meetings all week in Berlin with MoFo board and allies. Kicks off with talk in office by Mitchell on ‘building consumer voice’. Will have sessions on mapping the movement of orgs working in internet health, opportunities in Europe post-GDPR and building the IoT Trustmark. Outside allies attending include Digital Freedom Fund, Simply Secure, Engine Room and Omidyar Foundation. A formal board meeting and exec retreat focused on the program evaluation will follow.

Current Job Openings