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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: July 16, 2018

Key Dates (Upcoming)

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • Prepping to share 2016-2018 Program Evaluation findings with Directors & all MoFo staff (Lainie, Paul Z, Abdoul, Arliss, Sam)
  • Completing 1st draft of 2019 IHR content outline (Solana)
  • Sharing concept for OKR 1.2 (call for IHR ideas) with internal collaborators for feedback (Kasia)
  • Attending & representing the Internet Health Report & Mozilla at Hackers On Planet Earth (HOPE) conference (Jairus)
  • Attending & representing Mozilla at Whose Knowledge's Decolonizing the Internet conference and Wikimania (Amira)
  • Drafting WINS/Gigabit final report (Lindsey)
  • First draft of the AI Fund final report (Melissa)
  • Supporting team transition (Rizwan)
  • Researching potential facial recognition campaign (Sara)
  • Working on the Venmo campaign (Jon) and the data privacy bill in India (Rachita)
  • Concept note for a foundation and major gift outreach (Juan)
  • Close June financial books and finalize audit (Josh)
  • Finance Team retreat prep (Reminder: Finance Team is unavailable Thursday & Friday, July 19-20!)
  • Final UI work and artwork for Initiatives, Participate, and About sections of the foundation site (Natalie, Becca, Matthew, Jesse)
  • Finalizing all Wealth Engine integrations with Salesforce for the fundraising team (Steph M)
  • Review monthly email cadence and integration into comms; staff meeting planning/prep (Lotta)
  • Pitching WINS: Mozilla Announces Science Fair + $400,000 Grand Prize for Tech that Connects Unconnected Americans (Kevin/Lotta)
  • Managing the offer process for two new Major Gift Officers, continuing analysis of the engagement survey results, sprint (with Lotta) on manager training program (Michael)
  • Drafting ideas and agreements w/ funders for travel stipend money for Mozfest (Steph W)
  • Working with Digital Team on what the OLE content will be shared on Foundation site (Kristina G)

Executive Team Updates

  • Harvesting feedback from the board, especially related to themes and impact agenda. Prototyping a format to further explore those themes.
  • Ashley working on Berlin time through this Friday, July 20
  • Mark on half-day PTO this week
  • Angela PTO until July 25

Current Job Openings