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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: July 23, 2018

Key Dates (Upcoming)

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • Working on MozFest sponsorships and major gift outreach (Juan & Jessie)
  • Continued discussions around remote worker programs (Michael, Lainie, Ashley and Amanda)
  • Preparing new content for MozFest website update in August (Sabrina, Zannah, Jen and Mavis)
  • Working with legal to ensure our MozFest messaging and ticketing processes are GDPR compliant (Consuela & Marc)
  • Reviewing tech needs for H2 for OLE team with Production (Sarah and Production team)
  • Reviewing new and updating existing curriculum for OLC6 (Chad and Abby)
  • Continued analysis of staff engagement survey (Michael)
  • Review completed Fiscal Year 2017 Audit / Close June Books / Finalize Chart of Accounts (Finance Team)
  • Finalize Germany Branch Office Application (Josh and Legal Team)
  • Sharing concept for OKR 1.2 (call for IHR ideas) with internal collaborators for feedback (Kasia)
  • Discussing MoFo 2015-2018 Program Evaluation findings with Directors & prepping to share with all staff + integrate into planning (Lainie, Sam, Paul Z, Abdoul, Arliss)
  • Planning staff meeting and publishing next volume of The Mozillian (Lotta)
  • Ongoing work around next buyer's guide (Jen C)
  • Continued development of manager training program (Michael and Lotta)
  • Working on the retail strategy over the next few weeks (Sara)
  • Working on our EU strategy over the next few weeks (Jon)
  • Working on next steps on Venmo (Jon & Brett)
  • Post-petition donation ask added in to campaign flow (Pomax)
  • Adding a tracked CTA to three post-signature part of petition campaigns. Fundraising CRM alignment (Steph M)
  • Making sure we're prioritizing and meeting the needs of the fundraising team on the CRM (Jesse)
  • HR Information System development with MoCo (HR team)
  • Finalizing and submitting WINS/Gigabit final report (Lindsey)
  • Contracting for new fellows cohort (Amy)
  • Supporting team transition (Rizwan)

Executive Team Updates

  • Attending a meeting with US university presidents to discuss building ethics into computer science degrees (Mark)
  • Angela PTO until July 25

Current Job Openings