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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: August 6, 2018

Key Dates (Upcoming)

  • August 14 - WINS Showcase
  • August 15 - Gigabit Community Fund Celebration
  • August 21 - Launch IHR Call for Ideas
  • September 17-18 - MoFo Strategy Retreat
  • September 18-20 - New Fellows Onboarding

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • Team Completion: Interview shortlisted candidates for Program Officer role (Rizwan)
  • Continue analysis of MoFo engagement survey (Michael)
  • Make progress on fellows onboarding plans (including event) (Rizwan & Ann Marie)
  • Prepare for Gigabit and WINS final events (Lindsey, Jenn and Mehan)
  • Prepping to share MoFo 2015-2018 Program Evaluation findings with staff (Insights Team + Lainie)
  • Opening applications for next round of Science Mini Grants (Steph W)
  • Wrapping up updating Open Leadership Cohort 6 curriculum (Chad & Abby)
  • Continue work on manager training program (Michael and Lotta)
  • Development of a Content Strategy Plan for Mozfest (Zannah & Jen C)
  • Completion of updated Open Data Training resource site (Steph W)
  • Onboarding our new Major Gift Officers, securing MozFest sponsorships and prepping for an August email fundraiser. (Jessie, Will, Juan)
  • Working on the retail strategy over the next few weeks (Sara)
  • Representing at Misinfocon (Jon)
  • Continue recruitment of open roles (HR team)
  • Working on next steps on Venmo (Jon & Brett)
  • Working on our response to the draft data protection bill in India (Rachita)
  • Foundation site / participate build-out (Gavin)
  • Resource planning and H2 forecasting (Jesse, Alan, Steph)
  • Finalize stay interview process (Michael)
  • WINS press outreach (Kevin and PKPR)
  • Buyers' Guide v 2.0 (Jen)
  • Foundation site review (Lotta)
  • Call for Ideas preparation, freelance writers assessment and review of feedback on content outline (IHR team)

Executive Team Updates

  • Working w/ Sara on options for 2019+ impact goals (Mark)
  • Working on scope and shareable brief for strategic resource planning (Angela)
  • Ashley PTO July 31-August 10

Current Job Openings