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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: August 27, 2018

Key Dates (Upcoming)

  • Aug 29 @ 3pm EST (Juan's vidyo), Thurs Aug 30 @ 9am EST (Sarah Allen's vidyo), Tues Sept 4 @ 12pm EST (Lotta's vidyo) - staff discussions about MoFo Program Evaluation
  • September 14 - Deadline to book MozFest travel
  • September 14 - Deadline to book All Hands travel
  • September 14 - Internet Health Report call for ideas closes, submit yours today!
  • September 17-18 - MoFo Strategy Retreat
  • September 18-20 - New Fellows Onboarding

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • Continued work on data impact project Data impact project (Sara)
  • Copyright campaigns (Jon)
  • Putting out a poll around Venmo (Sara)
  • Campaign tool enhancements to add comments in support of an EU copyright postcard campaign (Steph McV, Pomax)
  • PNI Buyer's Guide design work (Kristina, Becca)
  • Hardcore MozFest sponsorship outreach and closing contracts; finalizing and sending invites to funders and special guests (Juan)
  • Execution of several initiatives developed during the fundraising team's Toronto work week last week, including ways to keep communication fresh and consistent with teams across the org (Fundraising team)
  • Digging into Major Gifts infrastructure building, planning and outreach with (Jesse W and Anika)
  • Continue Responsible CS Challenge planning including fellow onboarding (Lindsey/Jenn)
  • Moving forward with content and strategy, App design and engaging more suppliers for MozFest (Consuela/Marc)
  • Discussion/feedback re: Internet Health Report content with Report Coalition (Solana)
  • Narrowing down design vendors for 2019 Internet Health Report (Kasia)
  • Reaching out to MoFo teams about participation in data strategy planning (OKR 6.3) (Arliss, Lainie, Sam)

Executive Team Updates

  • Mark on PTO this week, returning Tuesday, Sept 4
  • Planning for September Strategy Retreat

Current Job Openings