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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: September 3, 2018

Key Dates (Upcoming)

  • September 14 - Deadline to book MozFest travel
  • September 14 - Deadline to book All Hands travel
  • September 14 - Internet Health Report call for ideas closes, submit yours today!
  • September 17-18 - MoFo Strategy Retreat
  • September 18-20 - New Fellows Onboarding

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • August close and new budget forecast (Josh, Ruzanna)
  • Hiring a grants administrator (Kalpana)
  • Finalize Germany Branch Office Application (Josh)
  • Working on MozFest sponsorship, preparing for expanded major gift outreach, September email prep (Partnership team)
  • Continue progress on Responsible CS Challenge (confirm judging panel, onboard other funders) (Lindsey/Jenn)
  • Refine and execute plans for fellows onboarding (Ann Marie / Rizwan)
  • Make progress on Creative Media Awards (notified provision winners, work with legal/ops on due diligence and contracts) (Lindsey/Jenn/Brett)
  • Continue progress on Program Officer recruitment (Rizwan) and Grants Admin recruitment (Kalpana/Lindsey)
  • Continued work on data impact project (Sara)
  • Copyright campaigns (Jon)
  • Exploring HR reporting (HR team)
  • Working on payroll function transition with MoCo HRIS team (HR team)
  • Interviewing shortlisted design vendors for the Internet Health Report (IHR team)
  • Hosting final call of the IHR Global Committee & drafting blogpost about achievements (Jairus)
  • Sharing next steps & opportunity for feedback on discussions re: MoFo Program Evaluation (Paul)
  • Drafting 2018 Attitudes Toward Internet Issues report (Abdoul)
  • Reaching out to stakeholders re: next steps for MoFo aligned data strategy (OKR 6.3) (Arliss)

Executive Team Updates

  • Preparing for Strategy Retreat
  • MozFest planning
  • MoFo staff call this week
  • Topics discussed on last week's executive team weekly call
    • Supporting remote workers - reccs and progress since All Hands skill share
    • December All Hands
    • Open Leaders organizational culture project update
    • Building out schedule of all-MoFo emails

Current Job Openings