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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: September 10, 2018

=== Key Dates (Upcoming) === IMPORTANT

  • September 11 - MozFest 2018 Staff Brownbag Session (Zannah - AirMo 10a-11a Pacific)
  • September 14 - Deadline to book MozFest travel (see email from Amanda)
  • September 14 - Deadline to book All Hands travel (see email from Brianna)
  • September 14 - Internet Health Report call for ideas closes, submit yours today!
  • September 14 - Deadline for feedback to impact goals & criteria (see email from Ashley)
  • September 17-18 - MoFo Strategy Retreat
  • September 18-20 - New Fellows Onboarding

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • Finalizing schedule for African tour of Working Open Workshop for Bioscientists (Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya) in November (Steph)
  • Open Leadership Cohort 6 begins (Chad & Abby)
  • Making decision re: design vendor for Internet Health Report (IHR team)
  • Moving forward on feedback loop org learning project with Communications (Paul Z & Lotta)
  • Moving forward on finalizing monitoring, evaluation and learning plan for Fellowships (Abdoul)
  • Moving forward with MoFo aligned data strategy (OKR 6.3) (Arliss)
  • Buyers Guide (Jen)
  • Exploring HR reporting (HR team)
  • Buyer's guide designs — Designers are finalizing designs for a lot of the new Privacy Not Included guide with a goal of handing off to engineering soon (Becca, Kristina, Matthew)
  • Refined web engagement metrics — Setting baseline and metrics to better understand progress and growth on Foundation web properties for OKR tracking and planning (Jesse w/ feedback from Alan, Matthew, Pomax, Tais, and others)
  • Working on MozFest sponsorship, preparing for expanded major gift outreach, September email prep (Partnership team)
  • Continued work on data impact project (Sara)
  • Copyright campaign action alert was sent! We're monitoring the vote for next steps (Jon)
  • Misinformation campaign strategy (Jon)
  • Finalizing judges for the Responsible CS Challenge (Jenn)
  • Finalizing prep for onboarding next week (Ann Marie)
  • Helping fellows prepare for onboarding including creating workplans etc. (Amy, Melissa, Michelle)
  • Conclude program officer recruitment (Rizwan)

Executive Team Updates

  • Planning for Strategy Retreat and MozFest
  • Strategy evaluation report debrief following staff discussions
  • Mark is PTO Thursday & Friday
  • Topics discussed on last week's executive team weekly call
    • Check-in on executive team goals
    • Director of Digital Engagement - recruitment update and how the role connects across the org

Current Job Openings