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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: September 24, 2018

Key Dates (Upcoming)

  • September 28 - All Hands Registration Deadline
  • October 10 - MoFo Monthly Call
  • October 22-26 - MozFest House
  • October 26-28 - MozFest

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • Continue driving work on defining impact goals (Sara)
  • Misinformation strategy and delivering petition to Venmo (Jon)
  • Managing MozFest sponsor benefit fulfillment, cultural onboarding for Jesse and Anika, kicker for our September email fundraiser, and final touches for our major gift program (Partnerships team)
  • Kicking off the Data & Metrics Working Group (Arliss)
  • Finalizing web design and data visualization vendors for the IHR (Kasia)
  • Fielding responses from the updated draft IHR content outline (Solana)
  • Drafting Attitudes Toward the Internet report (Abdoul)
  • Moving forward with developing evaluation and learning plan with Fellowships & Awards team (Paul, Abdoul)
  • Sending final Mozfest emails for September and drafting emails for October (Kristina)
  • Prepping Science Lab impact evaluation report for publication and writing up Helmsley Interim report (Steph W)
  • Open Leadership training week 4 (Chad & Abby)
  • Advance preparation for Responsible CS Challenge launch (Jenn + Lindsey)
  • Work with fellows to complete planning docs (as a follow-up to last week’s onboarding) (All program officers)
  • Prepare to onboard new Program Officer (starting Oct 1) (Rizwan)
  • Supporting the awards team in building a presence and application for the Responsible CS Challenge on the foundation site (Kristina, Tais)
  • Buyer's Guide build-out - launching an early v1 of the Buyer's Guide before MozFest (Gavin, Pomax)
  • Finalize first draft of IRS Form 990 (Josh, Ruzanna, Kalpana, & Tate and Tryon)
  • Finance and Budget Committee Financial Reports for August hard close (Josh, Ruzanna, Angela)

Executive Team Updates

  • Follow-up from Strategy Retreat
  • Prep for Board Program & Diversity Committee meeting
  • MozFest planning
  • Continued work on strategic planning: impact goals and strategic resource planning
  • No executive team weekly call last week

Current Job Openings

  • Director, Digital Engagement Applications still open
  • Currently in the interview process for European Campaigner, Organizer, European Partnerships, Research & Data Analyst, and Social Media Specialist roles