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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: October 1, 2018

Key Dates (Upcoming)

  • October 10 - MoFo Monthly Call
  • October 22-26 - MozFest House
  • October 26-28 - MozFest
  • October 26 - New round of Science Mini Grants opens (Steph W)
  • November 12-23 - Eastern Africa Working Open Workshop Tour (Steph W)

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • Continue search for Director, Digital (Michael A, Ashley B)
  • Share trends from discussions about MoFo Program Evaluation with staff (Paul)
  • Complete draft concepts for IHR launches in different languages (Jairus)
  • Represent IHR at CyFy conference in New Delhi (Kasia)
  • Finalize the German Branch Office application (Josh, Abigail)
  • Begin work on the August September Hard Close and finalize the first draft of the Form 990. (Josh -- please note, Ruzanna is on vacation!)
  • Stand up new finance and accounting systems and processes (Josh, Tate and Tryon team)
  • Mozfest Facilitator’s Handbook finalized (Zannah)
  • Mozilla Science Lab Impact Evaluation Report made public (Steph)
  • Buildout continues for the MozFest and Buyer's guide websites, with new design work still happening on both. Very active development with participation across the whole team and some integration to on-the-floor design work for MozFest highlighting work from across the foundation. (Jesse)
  • migration to Salesforce Service Cloud - Shoring up Q4 donor support, Steph McVicker is coordinating with MoCo on a migration to new donor support systems. (Steph)
  • Advance preparations for the Responsible CS Challenge (Jenn, Lindsey)
  • In-depth project planning with all 25 fellows. Review fellows' plans (in 1:1 calls) and sign-off (POs and Rizwan)
  • Onboard Janice (Rizwan)
  • MozFest Prep (All Program Officers - led by Melissa and Lindsey)
  • Continued work on impact goals, specifically preparing for external outreach/input (Sara)
  • Continued work on misinformation (Jon) and India Privacy Law (Rachita)

Executive Team Updates

  • Continued work on strategic planning: impact goals and strategic resource planning
  • Prep for Board Program & Diversity Committee meeting
  • MozFest planning
  • Attending the Hot Docs film screening in Toronto - open to all Mozillians

Current Job Openings

  • Director, Digital Engagement Applications still open
  • Currently in the interview process for European Campaigner, Organizer, European Partnerships, Research & Data Analyst, and Social Media Specialist roles