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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: October 8, 2018

Key Dates (Upcoming)

  • October 10 - MoFo Monthly Call
  • October 22-26 - MozFest House
  • October 26-28 - MozFest
  • October 26 - New round of Science Mini Grants opens (Steph W)
  • November 12-23 - Eastern Africa Working Open Workshop Tour (Steph W)

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • Continue trialing stay interview with sample group (Michael)
  • Following up on our first and second rounds of major gift outreach, planning for funder cultivation @ MozFest, and ramping up for year-end individual fundraising (Partnerships team)
  • Mozfest - What to Expect email for staff and Mozfest Facilitator Tickets are going out (Kristina G)
  • Designing the Open Leadership Zone at Mozfest (Abby)
  • Designing Openness Floor space (Steph)
  • MozFest: Working on designs for IRL signage, sorting real-time streaming of D+D speakers, finishing touches to the website, and any other support the digital team can lend to our pals working so hard on the festival.
  • Buyer's Guide: Finalizing most of the build of the Buyer's Guide and starting to load in content for testing — all in advance of a MozFest debut. (Matthew, Gavin, Kristina, Becca, with lots of other contributions)
  • Launch Responsible CS Challenge (Lindsey, Jenn, Kathy (Pham))
  • Continue refining fellows’ planning documents (Michelle, Janice, Amy, Rizwan)
  • Continue planning for fellows and awardees at MozFest (Melissa, Lindsey, Janice, Ann Marie, Rizwan)
  • Continued work on impact goals, specifically preparing for external outreach/input (Sara)
  • Continued work on misinformation (Jon) and India Privacy Law (Rachita)

Executive Team Updates

  • First round of external conversations in the impact goals process
  • Creating a more detailed roadmap for strategic resource planning
  • Board Program & Diversity Committee meeting this Thursday
  • Topics discussed during last week's executive team meeting:
    • Welcoming Sunil
    • Strategic planning updates
    • December All Hands

Current Job Openings

  • Director, Digital Engagement Applications still open
  • UI Developer
  • Currently in the interview process for European Campaigner, Organizer, European Partnerships, Research & Data Analyst, and Social Media Specialist roles