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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: October 15, 2018

Key Dates (Upcoming)

  • October 22-26 - MozFest House
  • October 26-28 - MozFest
  • October 26 - New round of Science Mini Grants opens (Steph W)
  • November 12-23 - Eastern Africa Working Open Workshop Tour (Steph W)
  • Dec 3-7 - All Hands
  • Dec 13 - Stage 1 Letter if Intent deadline for the Responsible Computer Science Challenge (Final Deadline is Jan 29)

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • MozFest prep (many MoFos!)
  • Continue trialing stay interview with sample group (Michael)
  • Following up on our first and second rounds of major gift outreach, planning for funder cultivation @ MozFest, and ramping up for year-end individual fundraising (Partnerships team)
  • MozFest prep on Leadership Programs team
    • Creative Media Awards events (Jenn, Brett)
    • Host Org Partners Summit (Amy)
    • Policy-Talks – incl Funders (Janice)
    • Lightning Talks (Fellows and Awardees) (Janice)
  • Continued work on impact goals, specifically preparing for external outreach/input (Sara)
  • Continued work on misinformation (Jon) and India Privacy Law (Rachita)
  • Close September and Produce Financial Reports with the new (and improved!) reports in Adaptive (Josh, Ruzanna)
  • Finalize the first draft of the Form 990 (Josh, Angela)
  • Contracts and purchase orders for Mozfest (Abigail, Stephen)
  • Onboard new Grants Administrator (Welcome, Jessica!) (Kalpana)
  • Decision & onboarding design agency for IHR (Kasia)
  • Sharing 2nd draft of IHR content outline with report coalition (Solana)
  • Working with Data & Metrics Working Group to identify priority data to include in aligned strategy for MoFo (Arliss)
  • All digital engagement hands on deck for Mozfest and Buyers Guide: prepping for a Buyer's Guide initial launch this week and the festival next week.

Executive Team Updates

Current Job Openings

  • Director, Digital Engagement Applications still open
  • Currently screening for the UI Developer role, and in the interview process for European Campaigner, Organizer, European Partnerships, Research & Data Analyst, and Social Media Specialist roles