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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: Nov 5, 2018

Key Dates (Upcoming)

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • Buyer's Guide Launch: optimization and polish on the buyer's guide before public launch (Engineering & Design)
  • Catch-up and assessment post-MozFest with an eye to Q4 fundraising and all other year-end cleanup (Jesse VD)
  • Rolling out of stay interviews - first interviews taking place (Michael Aukland)
  • MozFest debrief and kicking off 2019 outreach; major gift outreach; year-end email fundraising planning (Partnerships team)
  • Finalizing All Hands schedule (Lainie)
  • Making a decision about launching IHR 2019 in multiple languages (Jairus)
  • Data & Metrics Working Group members talking to their Directors about proposed scope for aligned data strategy (Arliss and Data & Metrics Working Group members)
  • Finalize the Form 990 and other tax forms (Josh, Angela, Mark, Mitchell, Michael Durham)
  • Finalize the September Executive Summary, Prepare first stages of the October Close, and Prepare Roadmap for Distributed Budget Management (Ruzanna, Josh, Tate and Tryon)
  • Onboard Jessica as the Grants Manager (Kalpana, Jessica)
  • Begin to review Contract Manager applicants (Stephen, Josh)
  • Working on Ponton updates (Theo)
  • Hiring in the EU and Misinfo campaign tests (Jon)
  • Impact goals and IOT Guidelines (Sara)
  • Continue execution of Creative Media Awards and Responsible CS Challenge (Jenn, Lindsey)
  • Sign-off on fellows’ planning docs, and help them capture all follow-ups from MozFest (Leadership Programs team)
  • Start preparation for fellows’ participation at All-Hands (20+ in attendance) – (Leadership Programs team)

Executive Team Updates

  • Continuing the impact goals work, particularly through several external interviews this week and next.
  • Prep for mid-November board meeting.
  • Topics discussed during last week's executive team meeting:
    • MozFest Debrief
    • Strategic planning updates
    • Board prep

Current Job Openings

  • Director, Digital Engagement Applications still open
  • Contracts Manager
  • Currently screening for the UI Developer role, and in the interview process for European Campaigner, Organizer, European Partnerships, Research & Data Analyst, and Social Media Specialist roles