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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: Nov 12, 2018

Key Dates (Upcoming)

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • Advance resource planning for 2019 (Directors)
  • All Hands program design (Lainie)
  • OKR 6.3 - Data & Metrics Working Group starts developing recommendations (Arliss)
  • Making a decision about what language(s) to translate the 2019 Internet Health Report into (Jairus + IHR team)
  • Drafting the 2018 Attitudes Toward Internet Issues Report (including a catchy new title! ;) (Abdoul & Sam)
  • Conducting interviews for 2018 Mozfest evaluation (Abdoul, Paul, Arliss)
  • Designing the process for developing 2019 MoFo OKRs (Paul, Lainie)
  • Buyers guide launch and press (Jen and Lotta)
  • State of Mozilla messaging (Lotta)
  • Preparing for fellows participation at All Hands (POs working directly with fellows)
  • Ongoing execution of MOSS, Responsible CS Challenge (Mehan and Jenn)
  • Making progress on a proposed fellowship for open internet engineers (Melissa)
  • Polishing designs for Q4 fundraising banners (Matthew)
  • Monitoring the launch of the Buyer's Guide (Alan)
  • File 990, file German branch office application, support board meeting prep (financials and signatory/budget authority policy) (Josh and Ruzanna)

Executive Team Updates

  • Prep for board meeting on Thursday.
  • Topics discussed during last week's executive team meeting:
    • Board prep
    • Strategic planning updates
    • Fundraising (with Juan & Will)

Current Job Openings