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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: Nov 19, 2018

Key Dates (Upcoming)

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • Advance resource planning for 2019 (Directors)
  • All Hands planning (All)
  • Invitations going out for full Science Mini Grant proposals (Steph)
  • Revisions to materials for Open Leadership Cohort 7 (Abby & Chad)
  • Developing a Local Lead training plan for Global Sprint 2019 (Zannah)
  • Finalizing plans for impactful fellows engagement at All Hands: Fellowship Team
  • Continued execution of the Responsible CS Challenge (responding to qs ahead of LOI submissions): Lindsey, Jenn
  • Signing off on fellows’ documents; stewarding and supporting execution: Fellowship Team
  • Preparing final reports for submission in Dec (WINS, Gigabit): Lindsey, Mehan, Jenn
  • Assigning Internet Health Report 2019 pieces to writers (Solana)
  • Building out plan for IHR 2019 launches in French, German, Spanish (Jairus)
  • Drafting 2018 Attitudes Toward the Internet Report (Abdoul, Sam)
  • Finalizing Data & Metrics Working Group recommendations (Arliss, DMWG)

Executive Team Updates

  • Follow-up from board meeting
  • Prep for All Hands
  • Strategic resource planning
  • Working with directors on 2019 plans

Current Job Openings