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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: Nov 26, 2018

Key Dates (Upcoming)

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • Advance resource planning for 2019 (Directors)
  • All Hands planning (All)
  • Putting together Data & Metrics Working Group recommendations (Arliss & DMWG)
  • Welcoming & onboarding Stefan, the new part-time data & research analyst for the Internet Health Report! (Kasia & IHR team)
  • Completing draft of Attitudes Toward Internet Issues 2018 (Abdoul & Sam)
  • Assigning remaining IHR articles to writers (Solana)
  • Designing organizational learning methodology for IHR (Paul)
  • Final push for Open Leaders Cohort 7 applications (Staff applications encouraged!) (Chad & Abby)
  • Reaching out for Local Leads push for Global Sprint (Zannah)
  • Knight Foundation proposal sprint (due Friday 11/30); Giving Tuesday and kicking off the year-end campaign; 2019 planning continues (Partnerships Team)
  • Impact goal next steps (Sara)
  • EU recruiting and January Convening (Jon)
  • Email action before the December parliament session around the data privacy bill (Rachita)
  • Launching Q4 Fundraising — this includes #GivingTuesday, our social influencer strategy, and updates to the donate site (Digital team)
  • 2019 Roadmapping — to go along with team planning we're getting a handle on a proper roadmap for 2019, all the builds that need to happen, and where they slot in on a calendar (Digital team)

Executive Team Updates

  • Prep for All Hands
  • Impact goal work
  • Strategic resource planning
  • Working with directors on 2019 plans

Also: A media studies class from the University of Toronto will be visiting the Mozilla Toronto office on Friday morning to present issues relating to internet health that they've worked on throughout the semester.

Current Job Openings