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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: Dec 10, 2018

Key Dates (Upcoming)

  • Dec 13 - Stage 1 Letter of Intent deadline for the Responsible Computer Science Challenge (Final Deadline is Jan 29)
  • Dec 21 - Engagement survey deadline
  • Dec 24 - Jan 1 - MoFo closed for the holidays

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • All Hands follow-ups (All)
  • Turning off support for, migrating donor care and other email management issues fully to Service Cloud. (Steph McV)
  • Social influencer campaign — rallying people around #privacynotincluded and trying to navigate this week's news cycle. (LOL. Jesse)
  • Team OKR follow-up and polish. (Jesse and direct reports to chat then open up to full team)
  • Responsible CS Challenge: Field questions before LOI submissions (Jenn, Lindsey)
  • Submit NSF reports – WINS/Gigabit (Lindsey, Mehan, Jenn)
  • Finalize & approve Data & Metrics Working Group recommendations (Arliss, DMWG)
  • Support iterations on 2019 OKRs (Lainie, Paul)
  • Share next version of IHR 2019 web design mock-ups for feedback (Sam, Solana)
  • Submit IHR sessions to multiple conferences (eg. RightsCon, Creative Commons, re: Publica) (Jairus)
  • Reviewing Open Leaders Cohort 7 applications (Abby & Chad)
  • Reviewing and making decisions on Science Mini Grants (Steph)

Executive Team Updates

  • Impact goal next steps (additional outreach, mapping current work, Theory of Change, etc.)
  • Strategic resource planning
  • Mark is on his way to Ghana this week to participate in re:publica Accra. This will be the first time re:publica is being held in Africa. Fellows Steve Song & Chukwuyere Izuogu are also attending.

Current Job Openings

  • Currently interviewing for Contracts Manager and UI Developer roles