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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: Jan 7, 2019

Key Dates (Upcoming)

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • Continued 2019 planning, OKRs and budgeting (All)
  • Onboarding new staff
    • Anil Kanji, Director, Digital Engagement (reporting to Ashley)
    • Rebecca Ricks, Research Associate (reporting to Sara Haghoodsti)
    • Youri Wims, UI Developer (reporting to Matthew Willse)
    • Marc Walsh, Senior Production Coordinator (reporting to Sarah Allen)
  • Next phase of impact goal work, including setting up external interviews, literature review/research, documenting existing related work and beginning to clarify milestones and measurable goals (Ashley)
  • Working on first draft of the Strategic Resource Plan (Angela)
  • Internet Health Report writing and launch planning (Solana)
  • Analysis of engagement survey results (Michael)
  • Next steps with 2019 OKRs (Lainie)
  • 2019 budget (Josh)
  • Fellows recruitment plan (Rizwan)
  • Selection of Science Mini Grants awardees (Steph W)
  • Revised culture track for Open Leaders Cohort 7 (Chad)

Topics discussed during last week's executive team meeting

  • Org-wide OKRs - discussed latest drafts including input from All Hands and draft team OKRs
  • Engagement survey - reviewed top line findings, to be shared with staff later this month

Current Job Openings

  • No current openings