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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: Jan 21st, 2019

Key Dates (Upcoming)

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • Wrapping up 2019 planning, OKRs and budgeting (All)
  • Next phase of impact goal work, including conducting external interviews, literature review/research, documenting existing related work and mapping to our Theory of Change (Ashley)
  • Strategic Resource Plan (Angela)
  • Working with new search firm to discuss recruitment process for VP, Leadership Programs (Michael, Mark)
  • 2019 budget (Josh & Angela)
  • Gathering feedback on latest iteration of IHR design (Kasia)
  • IHR writing! (Solana & writers)
  • Moving forward on IHR language launch planning (Jairus)
  • Training managers for performance review process (Michael, HR team)
  • Make progress on the year-end close (Josh, Ruzanna, Kalpana)
  • EU Facebook campaign re: misinformation (Jon L)
  • Kicking off 2019 MozFest sponsorship outreach this week and reaching out to new major donors about their membership in our major giving program (Partnerships team)
  • Pitching media for Fellows happy hour in Feb (Lotta)
  • Comms plan and site prep for Valentine's Day buyers guide (Lotta & Alan)
  • Foundation site performance and testing work (Alan)
  • Rejections for OL7 going out (Abby, Marc & Chad)

Topics discussed during last week's executive team meeting

  • Board Meeting (Feb 6-7) - discussed flow of the meeting, responsibilities and deliverables. Key topics will be sharing an update on the impact goal since the November board meeting, as well as strategic resource planning and getting approval on the 2019 budget.
  • Org-wide OKRs - discussed feedback from directors and next steps. You can see the latest thinking in the spreadsheet Deadline to finalize OKRs is end of the month.
  • Valentine’s Day *privacy not included buyer's guide- talked about opportunity to test framework, brand and voice as an extension of the holiday buyer's guide. Noted we need to seek legal advice to ensure content complies with our Terms of Service.

Current Job Openings