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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: Jan 28th, 2019

Key Dates (Upcoming)

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • Wrapping up 2019 planning, OKRs and budgeting (All)
  • Next phase of impact goal work, including conducting external interviews, literature review/research, documenting related work and mapping to our Theory of Change (Ashley)
  • Strategic Resource Plan (Angela)
  • 2019 budget (Josh & Angela)
  • IHR writing! (Solana & writers)
  • Moving forward on IHR language launch planning (Jairus)
  • Performance review roll-out (Michael, HR team)
  • Make progress on the year-end close (Josh, Ruzanna, Kalpana)
  • EU misinformation campaign, focus on Facebook's API (Jon L and Brandi)
  • MozFest sponsorship outreach and outreah to new major donors about their membership in our major giving program (Partnerships team)
  • Pitching media for Fellows happy hour in Feb (Lotta)
  • Finalizing product content, research and legal for Privacy Not Included Valentine’s Day Buyers Guide. Final tech/UX tweaks (Anil)
  • Move forward on the 2019 Fellows Recruitment Plan (Rizwan)
  • Internal reviews taking place across key platforms and practices (OLE team)
  • Supporting kickoff of OpenDOTT PhD program” (Michelle, Sam B, Sydette, Abdoul (and more!))

Topics discussed during last week's executive team meeting

  • Budget - Discussed proposed 2019 budget and long-range strategic resource planning forecast. A perfectly break-even budget is proving difficult, but we’re preparing scenarios to look at how we can break even and generate surplus over the next few years. Discussing further with the board on Feb 6-7.
  • Board meeting - We’re preparing to share and discuss three main topics. 1) Highlights from 2018 with a focus on news coverage and places where we had public impact (Mark working with Kevin and Sarah W on this). 2) Impact goal discussion including updated issue brief, initial lit review, and current and planned activities for 2019, e.g., Creative Media Awards, Responsible CS Challenge, AI Fellows (Ashley and Lainie working with directors to clarify specifics around 2019 plans). 3) Strategic resource planning - we’ll spend ½ day looking at the overall financial structure of the org, and the long-range fundraising vision. We’ll also present the 2019 budget for approval by the board.
  • VP, Leadership Programs- Discussed interim VP and Leadership Programs team plan. Angela is working with the directors (Rizwan, Sam and Sarah A) and Steph from the Coaching Studio to support this team in the coming months. We're finalizing contract details with a recruitment firm and aiming to post a job description by Feb 1.
  • OKRs - Deadline to finalize org-wide OKRs is Jan 31st. We’re in good shape with the Objectives, which were shared on the monthly MoFo call. Directors have suggested additional Key Results and together with executives they’ll review and finalize, including ensuring we have the mechanisms in place to measure them.

Current Job Openings