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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: Feb 4th, 2019

Key Dates (Upcoming)

  • Feb 4 - Applications open to host a Mozilla Fellow
  • Feb 6-7 - Board Meeting
  • Feb 11-15 - SF Winter Fellows Summit
  • Feb 26 - MoFo Monthly Call

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • Media launch for Valentine's Day Buyers Guide Update (Jen C)
  • EU Misinformation page (Matthew W)
  • Continue 2019 MozFest sponsor outreach, and build out 2019 fundraising mini-campaigns (Partnerships team)
  • Proposal for project-based staff engagement around impact goal (Zannah & Sam)
  • Open Leaders 7 Cohort Calls start (Chad & Abby)
  • Identifying travel management for Mozfest (Marc)
  • Announcing Cohort 3 of Science Mini Grant awardees (Steph)
  • Moving from wireframes to coding for the IHR 2019 website (Kasia + IHR team)
  • Editing IHR 2019 articles and writing intros (Solana)
  • Sketching out potential campaigns around machine decision making, and US campaigner recruitment (Sara)
  • Facebook Misinformation campaign, prepping to launch a signletter in mid-Feb (Jon & Brandi)
  • 2019 press strategy, including IHR comms plan and European press partner search (Lotta)
  • Performance review process (HR team)

Topics discussed during last week's executive team meeting

  • Board meeting - Three main topics to be covered in the board meeting include 1) Highlights from 2018, 2) Impact goal update, and 3) Strategic resource planning, including the 2019 budget for approval. Reviewed the status of materials including slides and impact goal documents (an updated issue brief, literature review and a snapshot of current and planned 2019 activities). All materials will be finalized and sent to the board by Sunday evening. The impact goal documents will be shared with staff this week. Two decision points related to our proposed focus on the impact goal:
    • Steering narrative towards the idea that we as humans design and shape how automated decision making works. This involves building understanding and agency, without necessarily focusing on whether and when AI is good or bad.
    • Scoping the majority of our work on the use of AI in large-scale consumer tech, rather than in the business to business (B2B) and government spaces.
  • OKRs - Final detailed review of the org-wide KRs, which are in this spreadsheet. Directors will work with teams to ensure alignment with team OKRs and we’ll lock everything in after the board meeting. Will review in greater detail in an email to staff and on the February MoFo call.

Current Job Openings

  • Currently reviewing applications for US Campaigner and Contracts Manager.