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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: Feb 25th, 2019

Key Dates (Upcoming)

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • Next steps on Misinfo campaign and convening (Brandi, Jon & Theo)
  • Misinfo landing page template, Misinfo Scorecard for design (Rebecca)
  • Sketching out machine decision making campaign options (Sara & Becca)
  • Onboarding of Cohort 3 Science Mini Grant Awardees (Steph W)
  • Project planning for MozFest 2020 City Bids and selecting MozRetreat location (Marc W)
  • "Introduction to Mozfest Wrangling" on Wagtail (Zannah)
  • Mozfest digital platform strategy (Gideon)
  • Email strategy and prototyping (Sydette/Jen)
  • Fellowship pages -> CMS (Kristina)
  • Develop on IHR communications plan (Jairus, Kasia, Lotta)
  • European PR firm; creative media awards comms plan (Lotta)

Topics discussed during the last executive team meeting

Board follow-up

Note: The executive team has debriefed directors on the board meeting and will share more with staff on the February MoFo call.

Discussed board feedback to the org-wide OKRs. Adjusted how we refer to the impact goal-related Objective to “theme” instead of “impact.” We’ll keep the KR related to focusing 60% of our program resources to better machine decision-making (as we did with “your data and you” in 2018) and will have a placeholder for a comms-related KR in H2, giving us the first half of the year to refine how we want to describe our impact via the Theory of Change work. Separately, we’re adjusting our Reach KR’s to add clarity around our growth ambition (Ashley working with Anil & Lotta on this).

Reviewed board input on the impact goal work–two key streams that will reinforce each other over the next few months.

  1. Exploring how “better machine decision making’ takes shape in our work in 2019. The board was deeply appreciative and supportive of the 2019 activities doc [link] all teams contributed to. It was critical in illustrating how much we’re already doing or thinking about in relation to the theme. Ashley will lead on next steps.
  2. Continued work around expert engagement, analysis and Theory of Change through the lens of better machine decision making. Mark will lead, opening up participation to help clarify long-term outcomes.

Ashley also shared a proposal from Sam, Zannah, Marc and Sarah A about a framework to encourage staff learning around the theme of better machine decision making. There is general excitement and agreement that a coordinated effort to help staff, fellows and partners become more savvy about the topic will provide great value and development opportunities. There will also be natural tie-ins to June All Hands as well as MozFest. More details to come soon.

Strategy Retreat

Discussed key assumptions to assist in planning the spring retreat. The theme for this retreat will be related to “movement-izing” our work–how can we build greater collaboration with the movement and have political impact, tied to helping us get more clear on our Theory of Change related to the impact goal

  • Timing will be late April/early May
  • Participants will include a mix of executives, directors, staff and fellows
  • We’ll bring in guest speakers for external inspiration, similar to the Spring 2018 strategy retreat
  • We’ll host it in NYC, also similar to Spring 2018, as it broadens the pool of potential guest speakers
  • We’ll plan for a leadership development day with all executives and directors the day prior
  • We’ll finalize dates ASAP (dependent upon executive and Coaching Studio availability) and refine the theme, which informs who the executive team invites to participate. As a reminder, their decisions are based primarily on expertise related to the theme of the retreat, while also aiming for a diverse mix of participants across teams, roles, skillsets, geographic locations, etc.

Job Openings

  • Currently interviewing for US Campaigner and Contracts Manager roles.