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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: March 4th, 2019

Key Dates (Upcoming)

  • Mar 4-5 - Disinformation convening in Paris
  • Mar 27 - Monthly MoFo Call
  • Mar 27 - Initial Funding Concepts due for Science Mini Grants Cohort 4
  • Mar 30 - ​"Internet Privacy - The 10-Year Challenge" workshop at Scientista Symposium (Jairus & Abby)
  • Apr 16 - 2019 Internet Health Report release

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • Disinformation convening in Paris (Sara)
  • IHR comms/engagement plan; Creative Media Awards comms/engagement plan; Paris disinformation summit (Comms)
  • Mini-campaign preparation and MozFest sponsorship outreach (Partnerships team)
  • Designing IHR translation & editing process (Eeva)
  • Diving into writing descriptions for IHR data (Kasia, Stefan, et al)
  • Impact goal interview analysis (Paul, Sara, Sarah)
  • MozFest evaluation review and next steps (Abdoul & Sarah A)
  • Mark is in Europe for a series of follow-up meetings with potential European partners regarding the better machine decision making work. Traveling March 6-19.
  • OLE "Who We Are" wagtail page & OLE newsletter content strategy (Kristina)
  • Reviewing staff nominations for Mozfest Wranglers (Sarah A)
  • Continue work on EU misinfo engagement; and Q2 planning for program proposal workflow (Matthew)
  • Begin planning, design, and content on two newsletter projects (Gideon)

Topics discussed during the last executive team meeting

  • Performance Reviews - Discussed the performance review process, specifically identifying a need to explore how to offer more coaching on providing productive feedback, and how to provide/receive feedback more consistently throughout the year. Executives will be making any merit-based increase recommendations this week.
  • Leadership Calls - Discussed how to optimize monthly calls with executives and directors. Stephanie Ryan from The Coaching Studio will support a co-design process as part of their broader engagement around leadership development in 2019. Early Interest in focusing on cross-team collaborations and learnings, and how we’re moving the needle on work that advances our org-wide OKRs.
  • Strategy Retreat - Further narrowed the theme for the April 25-26 retreat to “Working like a movement.” Early discussion around exploring three timely and high-impact initiatives that relate to our org-wide OKRs and that we can advance thinking/planning over two days. Possible candidates include the EU misinformation (and related) campaigns, deepening engagement with fellows host orgs and engagement with the Internet Health Report. Need to collaborate with Sarah Allen on designing the retreat and will finalize the list of participants by March 13. Started to brainstorm potential guest speakers on movement building and AI.

Job Openings

  • VP, Leadership
  • Currently interviewing for US Campaigner and Contracts Manager roles.