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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: March 11th, 2019

Key Dates (Upcoming)

  • Monthly open org-wide OKR calls (optional)
    • March 20 - Revenue
    • March 22 - Reach
    • March 25 - Org Health
    • March 26 - Theme
  • Mar 27 - Monthly MoFo Call
  • Mar 27 - Initial Funding Concepts due for Science Mini Grants Cohort 4
  • Mar 30 - ​"Internet Privacy - The 10-Year Challenge" workshop at Scientista Symposium (Jairus & Abby)
  • April 8 - Fellowship applications close
  • Apr 24 - 2019 Internet Health Report release

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • Finalize shortlist of host orgs for the upcoming fellowship cohort (Amy)
  • Make progress on key themes/topics for fellowships/awards for 2019-2020 (Rizwan)
  • Internal planning (distribute responsibilities while Mehan is away on paternity leave) (Fellowships & Awards team)
  • IHR content writing and editing - some articles going to translation (Solana et al)
  • Working on AI and Ad economy spotlights for internet health report (Mark & Solana)
  • IHR articles starting to be uploaded onto website (Eeva et al)
  • Building shortlist of potential IHR reading list curators (Kasia)
  • Analysis of trends from machine decision making (AI) expert interviews (Paul)
  • Invites going out to MozFest Retreat (Sarah A)
  • Soft launch of MoFo FLEX program (Sam B, Zannah & Marc)
  • Soliciting Openness Survey question feedback (Chad)
  • Newsletter and Email Welcome Series development(Kristina)
  • Data operations (Stephanie McV)

Notes from the last Executive Team weekly meeting

April 3 Board Meeting - Discussed agenda and deliverables for the board meeting. Half of the meeting is focused on an annual update from MoCo. Some time will also be spent on the re-election of the MoFo and MoCo board members. Other planned elements include:

  • Sharing an update on the impact goal Theory of Change process and providing examples of long and short-term outcome options. Mark and Sam are on point to gather these. We’ll be requesting feedback to vet the granularity of these options (some may be more refined than others) and see if they have additional suggestions.
    • In the run-up to the board meeting, Mark will meet with program committee members to share progress and get input.
  • Board business - this will include updates on our trademark license, VP recruitment, 2018 financials (closed), 990 filing, as well as any grant approvals and setting expectations on the July board meeting in Berlin.

Strategy Retreat - Reviewed theme, outputs and discussed participants. The theme of the April retreat will be “working like a movement”–exploring how we can build strength through massive collaboration and engagement with the movement for internet health. The outputs will be developing or refining movement engagement strategies for three current initiatives:

  • EU misinformation and related campaigns working with partners following the election (Theme/Revenue/Reach OKR)
  • Collaboration with fellowship host organizations on activities related to the AI themes they proposed (Theme OKR)
  • Responsible CS Challenge - weaving winners, finalists and judges into the movement, accelerating ethics in CS/AI (Theme OKR)
  • During the retreat, participants will also brainstorm other places that could build on this thinking with cross-org support.

Discussed potential participants, aiming for a diverse group of staff across teams, roles, geographies, tenures and professional backgrounds–including key stakeholders in the initiatives above. Invitations will be sent on Monday, and more details shared with all staff soon. Also considering an informal dinner one evening during the retreat (which will be held in NYC) where we’d also invite local staff and partners - still TBD.

VP Leadership Recruitment - Mark shared a brief update following a meeting with Michael and the recruiters. Generally hopeful about the diverse slate of applicants. There is a gap in applicants with deep tech and software backgrounds. Next steps are to conduct interviews with ~15 applicants. Michael and Mark will meet with the recruiters again next month. Will be sharing an email with all staff to maintain transparency.

Job Openings

  • VP, Leadership
  • Currently interviewing for US Campaigner and Contracts Manager roles.