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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: March 25th, 2019

Key Dates (Upcoming)

  • Monthly open org-wide OKR calls (optional)
    • March 25 - Org Health
    • March 26 - Theme
  • Mar 27 - Monthly MoFo Call
  • Mar 27 - Initial Funding Concepts due for Science Mini Grants Cohort 4
  • Mar 30 - ​"Internet Privacy - The 10-Year Challenge" workshop at Scientista Symposium (Jairus & Abby)
  • April 8 - Fellowship applications close
  • April 12 - Deadline to Register + Book travel for June All Hands in Toronto
  • April 23 - Responsible Computer Science Challenge Stage I Public Announcement
  • Apr 24 - 2019 Internet Health Report release
  • Apr 24 - Leadership Development Day (Executive and Directors in NYC)
  • Apr 25-26 - Strategy Retreat in NYC

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • Getting ready to launch the first mini-campaign and collecting prospective donor leads (Partnerships team)
  • 1:1 meetings with Program Committee board members (Mark)
  • Strategy retreat prep (Lainie)
  • Working on AI spotlight for the Internet Health Report (Mark & Solana)
  • IHR translation starting (Eeva)
  • IHR website testing (including accessibility testing) starting (Kasia et al)
  • Working on the impact goal Theory of Change (Mark & Sam)
  • Opening travel booking process for MozRetreat (Marc)
  • Finalizing & publishing OLE "Collaborate with Us" wagtail page (Kristina)
  • Requesting feedback on Openness Survey questions (Chad)
  • Reaching out 1:1 to Data & Metrics Working Group members to identify folks to lead on implementing recommendations (Arliss)
  • Conclude Host Org Interviews (Fellowships team)
  • Confirming final OpenDOTT fellows candidates (Michelle)
  • MoFo monthly call; March Mozillian; Hiring EU Firm; IHR comms (Lotta & Kevin)
  • Preparing financials for the board meeting on Apr 3rd; prepping for the audit (Ruzanna & Angela)
  • Closing out NSF (Gigabit Community Fund and WINS) and Knight Foundation (Coral) grants (Grants team)
  • Finalizing the application for potential engineering fellows on Fluxx; creating a data policy for fellowships and awards (Kalpana & AnnMarie)
  • Misinfo campaign next steps (Jon & Brandi)
  • Literature review and impact goal campaigns next steps (Becca & Sara)

Notes from the last Executive Team weekly meeting

Board meeting prep

Reviewed materials needed for the board slides. Given the majority of the April meeting will be an update from MoCo, a decision was made to postpone sharing examples of long and short-term outcomes related to the impact goal Theory of Change process and setting up a Program Committee meeting in mid-April to share progress on that work. Additional content will include 2018 financials, upcoming board events, board committee updates, re-election of board members, update on VP recruitment, OKR update and 2019 actuals (Jan). Moving forward, aiming to get materials shipped one week prior to each board meeting. Sarah W and Lainie working on slides.

Strategy Retreat

Made a decision to adjust one of the retreat projects–from collaboration with fellows host orgs, to collaboration with and amongst fellows in the 2020 cohort more broadly. Lainie will work with Sarah A and Steph to design a template for teams to share more context on these three projects in advance of the retreat:

  • EU misinformation and related campaigns working with partners following the election (Theme/Revenue/Reach OKR)
  • Collaboration with and amongst fellows in the 2020 cohort (Theme/Reach OKR)
  • Responsible CS Challenge - weaving winners, finalists and judges into the movement, accelerating ethics in CS/AI (Theme OKR)

Two external guests/speakers are joining the retreat: J Bob Alotta from Astraea Foundation and Rashida Richardson from AI Now. Mark will work with them on prep. We’re also planning a family dinner, along the lines of our MozFest family dinners with staff and local partners and friends. Directors will be in NY for a leadership development day the day before the retreat, plus we’ll invite local folks from MoFo, MoCo and some partners/funders.

Monthly Leadership Call

Reviewed the agenda for the monthly leadership (executives + directors) call. Angela will be sharing an update on a leadership development effort designed by Steph and The Coaching Studio, including details about the leadership day in NYC in April, and Juan will discuss the mini Internet Health Report campaign.

Job Openings

  • VP, Leadership
  • Currently interviewing for US Campaigner and Contracts Manager roles.