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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: April 1st, 2019

Key Dates (Upcoming)

  • April 3 - MoFo Board meeting
  • April 8 - Deadline for part 1 (Letter of Intent - LOI) of the Fellowship application
  • April 12 - Deadline to Register + Book travel for June All Hands in Toronto
  • April 23 - Responsible Computer Science Challenge Stage I Public Announcement
  • Apr 24 - 2019 Internet Health Report release
  • Apr 24 - Leadership Development Day (Executive and Directors in NYC)
  • Apr 25-26 - Strategy Retreat in NYC
  • Apr 30 - MoFo Monthly Call
  • May 7-9 - MozFest Retreat in Barcelona
  • June 18-21 - MoFo All Hands in Toronto
  • Monthly open org-wide OKR calls (optional)
    • April 15 - Reach
    • April 16 - Org Health
    • April 17 - Revenue
    • April 29 - Theme

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • April 3 Board meeting
  • First round of VP Leadership Interviews (Mark)
  • Writing & editing IHR content (Solana, et al)
  • Design & accessibility testing of IHR website continues (Kasia)
  • Creating IHR roadshow materials (Jairus)
  • Analyzing impact goal interviews (Paul)
  • Defining next steps for Data & Metrics Working Group (Arliss)
  • Working with Fellowships & Awards and Mozfest re: next steps with evaluation (Abdoul & Sam)
  • Request for contributions to MozFest Facilitation Guides (Chad)
  • "Collaborate with Us" Wagtail page for OLE (Kristina)
  • MoFo FLEX Participation sign-up mechanism (Marc W)
  • Finalizing Fellow Host Org + Fellowship Application Outreach (LOI deadline Apr 8)
  • Supporting hosted fellows at IFF this week (Amy)
  • Misinfo campaign neext steps (Jon & Brandi)
  • Literature reivew and impact goal campaigns next steps (Becca & Sara)
  • Welcome emails; EU firm on-boarding and welcome packet; IHR (Comms)

Notes from the last Executive Team weekly meeting

Board meeting prep - Discussed final preparations for board materials, including financial narrative and notes.

Mozilla events - Reviewed financial and engagement survey data from All Hands and Onboarding to begin assessing a holistic approach to MoFo-MoCo event programming, including identifying opportunities and areas for improvement.

Debrief on impact goal office hours - Ashley noted an appreciation for the agenda-free, open space to tee up intellectual discussions and share new ideas. Particular excitement coming out of that conversation around how we engage supporters. Notes from that call are here.

Job Openings

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