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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: April 22nd, 2019

Key Dates (Upcoming)

  • Apr 24 - 2019 Internet Health Report release
  • Apr 24 - Leadership Development Day (Executive and Directors in NYC)
  • Apr 25-26 - Strategy Retreat in NYC
  • Apr 30 - MoFo Monthly Call
  • April 30 - Responsible Computer Science Challenge Stage I Public Announcement (Adjusted date)
  • May 1 - 30 - Sprint for Internet Health
  • May 1 - Creative Media Awards RFP opens
  • May 7-9 - MozFest Retreat in Barcelona
  • June 18-21 - MoFo All Hands in Toronto
  • Monthly open org-wide OKR calls (optional)
    • April 29 - Theme
    • April 29 - Org Health

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • Internet Health Report launch!!! [IHR team]
  • Leadership Development Day (Wednesday) and Strategy Retreat (Thursday & Friday) both happening in NYC this week.
  • Onboarding Kaili our new Senior US Campaigner and launching the YouTube campaign (Sara)
  • Next steps on the misinfo campaign (Jon, Brandi and Theo)
  • Impact goal and IOT strategy (Becca)
  • Press for IHR launch (Comms)
  • Digital/social support for IHR launch (Sydette, Kevin)
  • First pass on results and working on next steps for the Openness Survey (Chad)
  • Launching MozFest book “marketing” campaign and sponsorship email (Kristina)
  • Setting up Open Leaders 7 demos and starting final interviews of participants (Abby)
  • Synthesizing impact theme analysis from both phases of external interviews; analyze annual planning interviews and draft synthesis (Paul)

Notes from the last (two) Executive Team weekly meetings

  • VP, Leadership Update - Mark is halfway through interviews with eight candidates. These interviews should be finished this week. The next step will be a set of case studies by remaining candidates presented to the VPs plus Sam, Sarah and Rizwan. We will record the case studies for others who would like to watch them and provide input by survey.
  • Fellows - Reviewed final list of 10 host organizations and saw a lot of opportunities to work with this group to help frame our AI strategy in the EU, building on our work around misinformation. This will be a core topic of discussion at the April Strategy Retreat. We discussed how to frame the work of the Fellows in Residence to be as integrated as possible into the work across the org. Follow-up with Rizwan and team to identify next steps.
  • Tracking 60% investment in AI theme - Angela will talk with a sample of 1-2 directors in advance of the next Theme OKR call to look at how they are tracking against this target in their program areas, and explore ways to report out on these investments going forward.
  • OKR check-in - Reviewed and discussed all of the ‘not on track’ or ‘at risk’ KRs across the org. Planning to do a similar team-level OKR review on a regular basis in calls with directors. Identified a need to lean more heavily on data to support assumptions and decisions, and noted places where we are missing data. Planning to set up a more formal debrief on the OKR process so far with Paul after the 2nd round of org-wide OKR calls.
  • Board and exec team calendar 2019-2020 - Calendered all board meetings, board committee meetings, strategy retreats, All Hands and exec team meetings for the rest of 2019 and all of 2020. Angela and Lainie will map our planning and reporting processes to this calendar, and will share out with the org in the MoFo monthly call in May.

Job Openings

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