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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: June 3rd, 2019

Key Dates (Upcoming)

  • June 3 - OKR and All Hands Office Hours
  • June 3 - LOI submissions due for Creative Media Awards 2019; full apps due July 3
  • June 10 - Open Internet Engineering full applications due (Melissa, Janice)
  • June 12 - Pre-All Hands MoFo Town Hall
  • June 18-21 - MoFo All Hands in Toronto
  • July 1 - Science awardees to be announced

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • All Hands prep (All)
  • Working on H2 campaign plans and coordinating with Engagement on pre-All Hands prep in Toronto (Campaigns)
  • Meetings with funders and potential funders in Montreal and New York (Mark)
  • Board Program Committee meeting focused on theory of change impact statements and the Internet Health Report (Exec team)
  • Prepping for June marketing campaign donor asks and mountains of concept notes (Partnerships)
  • Prepping for Openness Survey results work at All Hands (OLE)
  • Misinfo marketing, Mozfest site, Campaigns/Engagement planning (Engagement)
  • External review of fellowship applications (Janice)
  • MozFest CFP launch (Marc, Sarah & Gideon)
  • MozFest Book writing (Kristina) PLEASE submit your story!
  • IHR audience & purpose brainstorm (Kasia, Solana & whole IHR team)

Notes from the last Executive Team weekly meeting

  • VP, Leadership update - Discussed current and potential candidates. Planning to share an update with staff at All Hands.
  • Executive team meeting next week - Reviewed priorities for in-person meeting next Wednesday (Ashley will be in Toronto): July Board meeting and exec retreat prep, All Hands and 2020 budget planning.
  • All Hands - Discussed plans to review org-wide OKRs and share any tweaks for H2 during the upcoming Town Hall (June 12).

Job Openings

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