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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: June 10th, 2019

Key Dates (Upcoming)

  • June 10 - Open Internet Engineering full applications due (Melissa, Janice)
  • June 12 - Pre-All Hands MoFo Town Hall
  • June 18-21 - MoFo All Hands in Toronto
  • July 1 - Science awardees to be announced

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • All Hands prep, including team H1 reflection posters (All)
  • Mark will be attending RightsCon in Tunis -- hosting an EDs meeting prior to the event similar to last year and speaking on a panel with Element AI on data trusts.
  • Ongoing publicity for Creative Media Awards; MozFest speaker series planning (Comms)
  • Donation stack, Mozfest site, Misinfo campaign roll-out (Engagement)
  • Developing materials to share results of Openness Survey (OLE)
  • Working on getting OLX commitments (Reach out to Abby if interested!)
  • Sending out two online fundraising asks and drafting a new issue-focused concept note for funders that shows how all our work addresses important internet issues (Partnerships)
  • Facilitating an official post-European elections debrief call with external partners (Jon)

Notes from the last Executive Team weekly meeting

  • Org-wide OKRs - The executive team and KR leads recently reflected on progress of our org-wide OKRs in H1 as well as suggested tweaks for H2. You can find the notes here. The executive team discussed the proposed changes for H2 including a few things to investigate further before locking down the KRs, and also discussed plans to share them during the pre All Hands Town Hall on Wednesday.
  • Fundraising update - As part of a new monthly cadence, Juan joined to provide an overall update on the work of the Partnerships team, including an overview of the current funding pipeline and an assessment of our unrestricted fundraising efforts. We discussed opportunities and challenges we are facing as an org in relation to revenue, including an exciting cross-team effort to create an issues-based template to frame our asks to funders, which showcases the collective impact of all of our programs around specific issues like misinformation.

Job Openings

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