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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: July 15th, 2019

Key Dates (Upcoming)

  • July 15 - OKR 2: Revenue Bi-monthly call
  • July 16 - Responsible Computer Science Challenge Awardees - In-Person Orientation/Kick Off Meeting @ SF office
  • July 17 - 8:30am PST/11:30am EST: [Brown Bag] MozFest's 10th Anniversary Book
  • July 18 - OKR 3: Reach Bi-monthly call
  • July 24 - MoFo Monthly Call
  • July 30 - OKR 1: Theme Bi-monthly call
  • July 31 - OKR 4: Org Health Bi-monthly call
  • August 1 - MozFest Call for Proposals closes
  • August 1 - OLX Applications close
  • September TBD - Strategy Retreat

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • Prep for MoFo monthly call, OKR 3 call, and MozFest press event (Communications team)
  • Ship grant proposals and prepare for the next marketing campaign (Partnerships)
  • Donation flow wireframes, Ongoing Mozfest, H2 strategy/planning (Engagement)
  • Follow-up from AI partners/fellows convening this past week in Berlin; and next steps from board meeting last week in Berlin (Mark)
  • Scoping out campaigns for YouTube and Stealing Ur Feelings; Venmo rapid response; completing OKRs and a prioritised partner relationships database (Campaigns team)
  • Fellows candidate interviews (Fellowships & Awards team)
  • Responsible CS event in SF with the winners on July 16th (Jenn)
  • 2020 planning prep; update OKR dashboard for H2 (Lainie & Paul)

Notes from the last Executive Team weekly meeting

Board meeting last week

Job Openings

  • Currently in case study stage for the following roles:
    • VP, Leadership
    • Director, Leadership Programs
    • Director of Operations

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