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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: September 9th, 2019

Key Dates (Upcoming)

  • September 16 - Creative Media Award Public Announcement (Jenn and Kevin)
  • September 16 - COIL Grants for the Web launch
  • September 17 - Leadership Development Day (Angela)
  • September 18-19 - Strategy Retreat (Lainie)
  • September 20 - Deadline for booking All Hands Berlin travel
  • End of September - 2019-2020 Fellows Announced

Calls this month:

  • September 9 - OKR 3: Reach call
  • September 10 - MozFest 2020 City Scoping Criteria Call (Sarah A)
  • September 12 - OKR 2: Revenue call
  • September 23 - OKR 1: Trustworthy AI call
  • September 24 - OKR 4: Org Health call
  • September 25 - Monthly MoFo call

Reminder that you can access the MoFo PTO calendar here or in Google Calendar go to "Other calendars" then "Subscribe" then search for MoFo PTO calendar

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • Strategy retreat prep and guidelines for 2020 planning (Lainie)
  • MozFest: sponsorship contracts, partners track (Jesse W)
  • Manipulation Campaign fundraising asks (Jessie K)
  • Major Donor Event Planning (Jesse W)
  • Working with Engagement on the YouTube campaign, preparing for the Tate Modern speaker series next week, helping ad API launch in LatAm, continuing Mozfest and Mozfest House prep (Campaigns team)
  • Continued search for Director, Leadership Programs; Follow-up from the Role of Foundations in AI event last week in Berlin, Outreach to partners in Europe (Mark)
  • Privacy Not Included & MozFest Social planning, orgwide OKR baseline poll (Engagement)
  • MOSS Staff Summit (Jessica, Mehan, Kalpana, Lindsey)
  • Fellows Contracting (Ann Marie)
  • Searching for an illustrator & designer to work on the IHR Companion to the Buyers' Guide (Kasia)
  • Story research and outlining for the IHR Companion to the Buyers' Guide (Solana, Stefan)

Notes from the last Executive Team weekly meeting

  • Strategy Retreat - Reviewed early feedback from directors on the draft of the AI Theory of Change. Discussed pre-reading materials for all participants, as well as some next steps following the retreat.
  • Engagement survey - The leadership team (executives + directors) will review an analysis Paul Z did on the engagement survey findings. Top line findings will be shared on the September monthly MoFo call, followed by opportunities for teams to review, discuss and consider ways we can all work to improve scores where appropriate.

Job Openings

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