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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: October 7th, 2019

Key Dates (Upcoming)

  • October 9 - Program Committee Meeting
  • October 14 - MOSS Annual Program Review
  • October 21 - MozFest House opens
  • October 25-27 - MozFest

Calls this month:

  • October 16 - MoFo Monthly Call

Reminder that you can access the MoFo PTO calendar here or in Google Calendar go to "Other calendars" then "Subscribe" then search for MoFo PTO calendar

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • Virtual Fellows onboarding sessions; ongoing planning for Fellows onboarding at MozFest (Fellowships & Awards team)
  • 2020 planning documentation - firming up and posting on the wiki (Lainie)
  • Finalizing MozFest Partner Track Events and RSVPs; QAing new donation stack; finalizing RSVPs to Glass Room major donor tours/lunches; planning NYC and DC major donor events to late November; decision time on Donor Care Coordinator hire (Partnerships team)
  • Youtube Regrets, Buyers Guide, Mozfest (Engagement)
  • Completing drafts & inviting reviewers to comment on content for the IHR companion to the Buyers Guide (Solana, Sam)
  • Drafting social media plan for IHR companion to the Buyers Guide (Jairus)
  • MoZone scheduling & space design for MozFest (Chad & Abby)
  • Storytelling & planning for post-MozFest engagement (Zannah)
  • Final details for MozFest book (Sarah A & Kristina G)
  • MozFest Printing, Ops Plan, Production Schedule, & more MozFest (Marc)
  • Meeting with our Board of Directors Program Committee to share the work that came out of the strategy retreat. (Mark & Ashley)
  • Heading to Bellagio, Italy to participate in an AI Convening on data trusts, a human rights framework to AI and areas of policy growth. The convening is hosted by MozFest sponsor, Element AI and will bring in some of our fellows including Richard Whitt and Noah Levenson who are at Bellagio for a residency program this month. (Sarah W)

Notes from the last Executive Team weekly meeting

  • Program Committee Prep - Reviewed content to present and discuss with the Board program committee next Wednesday. We’ll be sharing the updated AI Theory of Change, specifically to gather any critical input on medium and short-term outcomes. This will be shared with all staff prior to our next MoFo monthly call.
  • 2020 Planning - Discussed some of the imminent key components of planning, including updating documentation on our 2016-2018 movement-building strategy to reflect the AI Theory of Change and articulate our learnings and the approach we’ve refined over the last few years.
  • Mid-year Goals Check-In - Briefly reflected on how the check-ins have been going. Shared appreciations for honing our goal-setting approach and having time to discuss progress, challenges and professional development opportunities outside of the day-to-day. Also surfaced the need for clearer guidance on aligning individual, team and org-wide goals.

Job Openings

  • Currently in case study stage for Director, Leadership Programs
  • In interview stage for Program Officer, Fellowships & Awards (to support new Ford Global South fellowships) and Donor Care Assistant

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