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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: November 18th, 2019

Key Dates (Upcoming)

  • November 20 - PNI Buyers Guide public launch and press day in NYC
  • November 20 - IHR Special Edition: Privacy Included: Rethinking the smart home launching as a companion piece to the PNI Buyers Guide (soft launched:
  • November 25 - MoFo monthly call
  • November 26-29 - Internet Governance Forum in Berlin (Michelle + some fellows attending +Kasia, Solana, Stefan and several MoCos)

What's Moving This Week (and who to contact with questions)

  • 2020 planning continues - the executive team will be preparing for an executive team retreat (Dec 2-3) and leadership team planning meeting (Dec 4-5) where they'll discuss and prioritize org-wide priorities for next year, to inform team planning
  • IHR team: IHR Special Edition, Privacy Included: Rethinking the smart home launching as a companion piece to the PNI Buyers Guide (soft launched: (Kasia)
  • Prepping for booth at Internet Governance Forum (IGF) and supporting Digital Freedom Fund's Litigating Algorithms event (Michelle)
  • Working on strategic briefs for social media political ads policies, next stages of the YouTube campaign, and welcoming back Sara! (Campaigns team)
  • MOSS end of year review planning (Mehan)
  • MozFest follow-up: podcast + analysis of ticket sales and social media (Zannah/Chad/Marc)
  • OLE website refresh & planning on next OLE newsletter - got any CTAs for our community, let us know! (Kristina & Steph)
  • 2019 PNI buyers guide public launch (Nov 20), Venmo and Snap campaigns, OLE email template, DONATE (Engagement team)
  • Finalizing Leadership Giving Proposal and setting up 1:1s with major donor prospects (Jesse W)
  • Year end fundraising prep (Will)
  • Privacy & Security Marketing Campaign email solicitations (Jess/Jen/Will)
  • Prep for PNI Media Day; State of Mozilla review; message testing; prep for MoFo call and The Mozillian (Comms team)
  • Transitioning donations checks and credit card processing in-house (Ethan, Will and Hilary, Engagement team)
  • Closing October financials (Ruzanna)
  • Preparing financial information to support team/budget planning for 2020 (Ethan)
  • Fellow Divij Joshi is speaking at the HasGeek conference in Bangalore this week
  • One of the 2019-2020 Creative Media Awards teams is debuting their project at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam! You can watch a trailer of their project here

Notes from the last Executive Team weekly meeting

  • 2020 planning - Reviewed draft list of priority initiatives that MoFo might lead or support in 2020 that align to the theory of change. This is a step towards helping us define org-wide objectives for next year. The executive team will continue to work on these and share with directors to refine and finalize them in the coming weeks. Discussed scope and prep for the meeting on December 4th & 5th in Toronto when the full leadership team will convene to discuss and finalize top-level priorities for the org, from which teams can do more detailed planning in December and January before All Hands.

Job Openings

  • Currently in case study stage for Director, Leadership Programs
  • In interview stage for Program Officer, Fellowships & Awards (to support new Ford Global South fellowships)
  • Screening candidates for Social Media Specialist and Content Marketer

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