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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: December 2nd, 2019

Key Dates

  • December 2-3 - Executive team retreat
  • December 4-5 - Leadership team planning meeting in Toronto (Execs + directors + Janice & Solana)
  • December 16 - End of year Town Hall
  • December 18 - MoFo Board Meeting
  • December 23-Jan 1 - MoFo holiday shutdown

What's Moving This Week

  • 2020 planning continues - Executive team retreat (Dec 2-3) and leadership team planning meeting (Dec 4-5) where the goal is to finalize org-wide objectives and initiatives for 2020
  • Donate Stack QA/testing, Brand/Audience work, PNI content/outreach, Accessibility, Marketing campaign development (Engagement team)
  • Further promoting the Privacy Included IHR Special Edition (Net Promoter Score ongoing) (IHR team)
  • Working on EOY fundraising strategy. Reach out to Will if you have questions.
  • MozFest follow-up & strategic planning around Theory of Change (would love to collaborate if you have ideas) (OLE team)
  • End of year (EOY) fundraising strategy, including email campaign (Will, Jessie K, Caltrider) and major donor outreach (Jesse)
  • Juan returns from parental leave! (Partnerships team)
  • Working on microtargeting in the US and EU, looking at opportunities to be part of conversations and researching potential asks for us to work on going into 2020 (Campaigns team)
  • Awards planning meeting in Portland (Jenn and Mehan)
  • Promoting recent blog post about our Open Web Fellows (Amy)

Minutes From the Last Executive Team Weekly Meeting

  • 2020 Planning - Jess Stillerman, one of our consultants from Aleron, joined the call this week to review the team planning approach and templates. This will be shared during the leadership meeting in Toronto this week. Discussed additional touchpoints between VPs and teams over the course of December and into January throughout team planning. Also reviewed top-line what will be needed with regards to 2020 planning for upcoming board meetings.
    • December 18 board meeting - org-wide 2020 OKRs and key initiatives
    • January 16 finance committee - draft budget (revenue + spending)
    • Feb 6-7 - final plan and budget

Job Openings

  • Currently in case study stage for Director, Leadership Programs
  • In interview stage for Program Officer, Fellowships & Awards (to support new Ford Global South fellowships); Social Media Specialist and Content Marketer

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