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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: January 6, 2020

Key Dates

  • Jan 23 - MoFo Monthly Call
  • Jan 15-17 - Executive team meeting in NY to review team plans
  • Jan 27-31 - Mozilla All Hands

What's Moving This Week

  • 2020 team planning (all)
  • All Hands prep - contact Lainie with any q's
  • The Fellowships and Awards team will be in Portland this week with Bob for a team retreat
  • Recruitment for the MoFo Board of Directors and advisory committee; also planning for The Role of Foundations in AI event in Brussels on Jan 21 (contact Sarah W with q's)
  • Planning new training for MozFest Wranglers & Facilitators, reviewing new MozFest curation platform, & developing new comms plans for OLE and new MozFest city announcement [OLE]
  • Drafting 2020 activities, planning Q1 publication, onboarding outreach contractor, setting up research and news monitoring, preparing conference submissions (IHR)
  • Donate stack, Thunderbird, Legacy wind-downs, Front Door campaign (Engagement)
  • Major Donor cultivation (Jesse W)
  • 2019 data analysis (Jessie, Jesse W, Will)
  • Grassroots Donor care & check processing (Steph Lowry and Hilary)

Job Openings

  • Currently in case study stage for Director, Leadership Programs
  • Program Officer, Fellowships & Awards (to support new Ford Global South fellowships) is currently in the final selection process
  • Social Media Specialist and Content Marketer are beginning team interviews

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