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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: January 13, 2020

Key Dates

What's Moving This Week

  • Mark is being interviewed by Kara Swisher, an American technology business journalist and co-founder of Recode
  • Ongoing board recruitment, see the blog post and reach out to Sarah W with questions or recommendations
  • All Hands prep, reach out to Lainie with questions
  • Final prep for January 21st event with AI funders in Europe, reach out to Sarah W with questions
  • Donate/Thunderbird, Venmo & microtargeting, follow up to AI survey (Engagement)
  • Prep for new MozFest city announcement (OLE)
  • Working on follow up and next steps for the Ring 2fa campaign and the India Intermediary Liability work (Campaigns)
  • Identifying stakeholders/potential partners who can form a brain trust around creating guidelines for what trustworthy voice activated AI looks like (Campaigns)
  • Donor Care; closing 2019 (Will/Steph/Hilary)
  • 2020 Marketing Campaign and Major Gifts planning (Jessie/Jesse)
  • Preparations for launching two new fellowships (Tech in Civil Society Fellows, funded by Ford (Melissa until new PO is hired) + Common Voice Fellows, funded by GIZ and being run as part of a broader MoCo collab (Michelle))
  • Hosting the 4th CMA webinar on Thursday 1/16 (Jenn, w/ Sam Gregory from WITNESS as the speaker)
  • Planning the Spring Fellows Summit - March 16-20 in Berlin (Janice)

Minutes From the Last Executive Team Weekly Meeting

  • 2020 planning - Jess Stillerman from Aleron joined the call to discuss the facilitation approach for an in-person meeting in NYC Jan 15-17 where the executive team will review the proposed 2020 team plans holistically, looking at connections to our org-wide OKRs as well as feasibility based on resourcing. The outputs from this meeting will inform wave 2 team planning, which will include team OKRs and roadmapping. We’ll have time to work on this during All Hands as well.
  • Board prep - Discussed the overall agenda and goals for the Feb 5-6 board meeting where we’ll present the top line 2020 plan and budget for approval.

Job Openings

  • Currently in case study stage for Director, Leadership Programs
  • Program Officer, Fellowships & Awards (to support new Ford Global South fellowships) is currently in the final selection process
  • Team interviews for Content Marketer are ongoing throughout this week

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