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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: February 10, 2020

Key Dates

  • Feb 10- 14 - Performance review starts, all peer nominations are due by Friday
  • Feb 21 - Deadline for completing the Engagement Survey
  • Feb 26 - Monthly MoFo Call

What's Moving This Week

  • Engagement survey (All - check for an email from Culture Amp)
  • Team planning: exploring dependencies and collaborations with other teams, detailing activities and roadmaps, drafting team OKRs (All)
  • Advocacy team is working on establishment of "portfolios" – key issue areas for the team, outlining goals, messages, audiences, communities and more – and who's in charge of those.
  • Host Org Recruitment for the new Tech + Society fellowship (Melissa)
  • Grant for the Web Advisory Council meeting in Santa Fe (Janice)
  • OpenDoTT Funder Review (Michelle)
  • MOSS track 1 committee meeting and DEI training for track 1 committee (Mehan, Jessica)
  • Open Web report review for the Ford Foundation (Kalpana, Jessie)
  • Follow-ups from last week's board meeting (Executive team)
  • Queuing up projects for cross-team collaboration; Donate (thunderbird) refinement (Engagement team)
  • Working on closing 2019 Financial Statements; renewing Adaptive amendment (Finance/Operations team)

Minutes From the Last Executive Team Weekly Meeting

  • Short meeting last week was focused on final board prep

Job Openings

  • Final interview stage for Content Marketer

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