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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: March 16th, 2020

Key Dates

  • Mar 17-19: Virtual fellows summit
  • Mar 25: MoFo Monthly Call

What's Moving This Week

  • Finishing up issue portfolios to share with stakeholders (Campaigns team)
  • Funder and prospect relationship check-ins, concept note with Consumers International, and figuring out fundraising plans in light of COVID-19 (Partnerships team)
  • Interviewing candidates for the Board of Directors (virtually) (Mark S)
  • Working on the AI White Paper draft with Becca Ricks and ironing out how to solicit input on the V0.9 draft from staff and partners–reach out to Sarah W if you have questions, but more to come in the next week.
  • Finalizing concept note that grew out of the European Foundations in AI gatherings. As a next step, this will be shared with a larger group of funders and hopefully result in some targeted, coordinated efforts in Europe. Reach out to Sarah W if you have questions.
  • Fellows Summit (virtual, Tuesday - Friday) (F&A Team. Abby and Kaili are each leading a session/workshop as well!)
  • COVID-19 response for fellows (Janice and Ann Marie, but really the whole F&A team + Kalpana, Michael and others)
  • 1:1 progress meetings with all 8 Creative Media Award teams (Jenn)
  • Engagement survey analysis (Paul Z)
  • Stay interview analysis and report (HR)

Minutes From the Last Executive Team Weekly Meeting

  • COVID-19 - Discussed internal communications regarding coronavirus. Please read the emails Mark and Angela sent on Friday if you haven’t already.
  • Org-wide OKRs - Bob is meeting with OKR 2 and 4 KR leads this week. Ashley and Angela have met with KR leads for OKRs 1, 3 and 5. Following those conversations, the executive team will reconvene to discuss next steps and updates will be shared on the staff call next week.

Job Openings

  • N/A

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