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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: March 23rd, 2020

Key Dates

  • Mar 23: MoFo zoom chat (optional)
  • Mar 25: MoFo Monthly Call
  • Mar 27: MoFo virtual coffee (optional)

What's Moving This Week

  • Plans for transition of content from OLE website to archive or MozFest website (Steph W & Kristinas G & S)
  • Considerations for how to support MozFest community during COVID (MozFest Team)
  • Research is underway for an IHR compilation of content moderation stories (Insights)
  • Preparing for the April 1st meeting with our board. Also focused on writing -- writing blogs, co-writing large proposals on data trusts, innovation and AI in Europe. (Mark S)
  • Next stage of Board Recruitment interviews underway. Reach out to Sarah Watson with any questions.
  • Working on appropriate coronavirus responses (Campaigns)
  • Working on collateral and other materials for future fundraising efforts AND staying in touch with donors and funders (Partnerships)
  • Merit increase calibration meeting and processing approved increases (HR)
  • Annual planning debrief with leadership team (Paul & Lainie)
  • In discussions with RSM (fka Tate & Tryon) to renew accounting services contract for 2020; closing 2019 MoFo and January 2020 financials this week; working on Information Request List for MoFo Auditor; Auditor begins field examination work on April 6 (Operations team)

Minutes From the Last Executive Team Weekly Meeting

  • COVID-19 - Discussed our commitment to keeping the organization connected and supported during this time. Also met with the full leadership team to reflect on ways all executives and directors can continue to show up for their teams, and ensure flexibility and care for all. Planned additional calls and virtual coffees/office hours for this week. If you’re interested in hosting virtual gatherings (on Slack, Mozilla Hubs, elsewhere) please feel free to do so, and share details on when/where in our #mofo-slack channel.
  • Org-wide OKRs - Over the past two weeks VPs have connected with org-wide KR leads to discuss open questions and finalize baselines and targets. The executive team has also reviewed team OKRs and activities to surface any gaps. We’ll share a top line OKR update on the monthly MoFo call on Wednesday.
  • Board meeting prep: This meeting is primarily focused on MoCo CEO (Mitchell Baker) providing the annual business update to the MoFo board. We will also be discussing MoFo board candidates.

Job Openings

  • N/A

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