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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: May 11th, 2020

Key Dates

  • May 27 - Monthly MoFo Call
  • Wednesdays - All-Mozilla weekly check-ins

What's Moving This Week

  • Engagement: Site refresh wireframe prototype, Mozilla brand sync with MoCo, CS Challenge Playbook layout, PNI updates/cleanup and 4.0 planning, Creative Media Awards winner story prep, influencer research for Instagram, new content development, Donate bug fixes and 2.0 planning, Wagtail outdated code cleanup, print styles & bug fixes
  • Partnerships: Grassroots appeal and major gifts follow-up, planning future WOTH calls, and grant support
  • Insights: Starting with phase 1 of data stewardship landscape analysis, scoping the rest of the work and recruiting regional researchers, meetup with IHR global community, developing a strategy for Insights contributors engagement on MozFest Slack.
  • Campaigns: Continuing the Zoom campaign, next steps in portfolio development.
  • MozFest: Movement Building from Home (MBH) “Bonus” episode on how it was developed and executed; researching virtual conference platforms, analysis of past Wrangler feedback.
  • Fellowships & Awards: The first project from the 2019-20 CMA Cohort, “Bot or Not” is launching on May 19. (Jenn) Fellowship & Awards April updates (Amy) The Internet Health Movement and Covid-19 (Amy, Kevin, Zannah) MOSS announced the first three projects that will receive awards from our COVID-19 fund (Mehan, Jessica)
  • HR: People Resource process management project
  • Finance & Operations: Completing updated 2020 Forecast; working on RSM/Tate & Tryon 2020-2021 contract; complete contract with Flux consultant
  • All Hands planning including mid-year evaluation template; organizational effectiveness factor next steps; engagement survey assessment (Paul, Lainie)
  • Finalizing and sharing out v0.9 of the white paper (Mark and Becca)
  • Meeting with funders (eg. COVID and digital rights) (Mark)

Minutes From the Last Executive Team Weekly Meeting

  • Fundraising update - Juan joined to debrief on recent donor/funder briefings, and discuss results and insights from major gift donor efforts.
  • Sequencing objectives - Brainstormed the trajectory of org-wide OKRs over the next few years. This was a continuation of a series of meetings, facilitated by Aleron, where the outputs will tee up objectives for 2021-2023.

Job Openings

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