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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: June 29th, 2020

Key Dates

  • June 29 - Finance Committee Meeting
  • June 30 - D&D "Protests, the Pandemic, and Misinformation"
  • June 30 - Social Media Day – participating in a UN-led 'pause before you share' campaign)
  • July 13-15 - MoFo Board Meeting
  • July 22 - MoFo Monthly Call

Upcoming Creative Media Award Launches

  • July 14 - “TheirTube” - Tomo Kihara
  • July 20 - “In Event of Moon Disaster” - Halsey Burgund and Francesca Panetta
  • July 27 - “Deep Reckonings” - Stephanie Lepp

What's Moving This Week

  • Insights: Data stewardship landscape analysis, database finalization, preparation for Public Call for Questions for the Internet Health Report, H2 planning
  • Campaigns: Asking Nextdoor to end collabs with Police, Ring follow-up, US Election and Misinfo-theme campaigns, getting input on the next phase of the youtube regrets browser extension
  • Partnerships: Final H1 fundraising push with grassroots and major donors, WOTH planning, and Ford proposal writing.
  • Organizational Effectiveness: Proposal for establishing baseline org effectiveness measurement, Data Lead interviews, H2 planning
  • Fellowships & Awards: Processing contract amendments for fellowship extensions (COVID-19 response), EU public consultation coordination meeting with fellows re: DSA, confirming date + details for the Open Web Fellow summer event with Ford and Siegel, advancing a project to develop a few short videos focused on the impact of the Mozilla Fellowship, prep for launching another round of science sponsorships for alumni
  • MozFest: A new D&D, MozFest digital book planning, new Working Group program, and an event collaboration with F&A
  • Finance & Ops: Complete RSM Contract; prepare financials for upcoming MoFo and MZLA Board Meetings; Complete 990 Workbook
  • HR: Pushing forward recruitment for open positions, finalizing process for streamlining people resources
  • Engagement: IA work on Foundation site, Localization and AB testing, PNI 4.0, content initiatives
  • Next steps in the Data Futures Lab, Africa Innovation and European AI Fund (ongoing)

Minutes From the Last Executive Team Weekly Meeting

  • MoFo Board Program Committee debrief - Mark, Bob and Ashley met with the Board Program Committee last week to share and gather input on which short term outcomes in the trustworthy AI theory of change we want to lean into over the next three years, expanding on the work we’ve started based on our objectives in 2020. This was an initial input into a multi-year planning process that will continue into the second half of this year.
  • MoFo Board Finance Committee prep - Mark and Angela are meeting with the Board Finance Committee to share an updated 2020 budget forecast.

Job Openings

  • Applications open for Manager, Web Development
  • Applications open for Director of Advocacy
  • Phone screens starting for Marketing Coordinator
  • Phone screens and assessments underway for Senior Manager, Marketing
  • Interview stage for Data Lead
  • Interviews starting for Digital Project Manager

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